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Dressed in a multi coloured four-piece skirt , with a white coloured to – match shirt, she stepped into her well polished black high-heel shoes, then, she picked up her brown handbag from the centre table and firmly strapped it to her hand.


Tick… tock… the heels of her shoes knocked the floor so hard that people around her could hardly feel peace in their ears and head.


“Your name is Yahweh”, her phone’s ringing tone brought her to consciousness, she suddenly realized that her phone was ringing.


She swiped her fore finger across the screen of her phone before she placed the phone against her ears.

” Yes, sir.”

“I’m on my way, sir” was all she uttered before she returned the phone into her bag.

She hastened her steps, as she anxiously walked out of the corridor.

“Good morning, Sir” Adaeze greeted before she entered his black Toyota Camry car.

“Morning, dear. You look gorgeous.”

“Thank you, Sir.” She answered sheepishly.

Mr. Adeolu turned the ignition of the car and brought the car to life.

Before she knew it, they were there already, though, no one told her where exactly she was, until she found herself in a room.

It was then it dawned on her that she trusted and followed a married man to an hotel.

This man had called her in without notifying her. As gullible as she was, she followed him in based on trust, I guess, and all of a sudden a fight ensued between them.

Mr. Adeolu started fighting for her clothes, but she blatantly refused to grant him access to her clothes, the man left her clothes and went for her pants.

OMG! How can this be?

This man dragged the pant with Adaeze as if his life depended on pulling off the pant, still, she gave it her best strength, in order to prevent him from gaining access into her pot of honey.

When the struggle became unbearable for the man, he resigned to fate and allowed the girl to be.

That was how the gullible Adaeze escaped being raped by a man she trusted.

Thereafter, she vowed to be more wise and sensitive.


Are you like Adaeze?

You would follow any man to anywhere in the world without care, after you’ll be shouting ‘he RAPED me’, when you actually caused it.

If you’re in such shoes, please, step out of such shoes because it won’t pay you.

My dear, wake up.

Fathers are now raping their children, what then shall I say to you?

Please don’t misunderstand me. I understand that some rape cases ain’t self afflicted, while some are. I was once at the entrance of rape.

The world is already evil, don’t add your gullibility to the news, please. Stop enticing and allowing men easy access to your body all in the name of fashion.

In case you don’t know, “Your body is the temple of God.”

What then is the outcome of fashion when your body had been pierced and penetrated?

A saying goes thus: “Trust nobody”. The devil can use anyone to plot your downfall.

Jesus Christ is the only person you can trust with your whole being, including your resources.

Don’t look at (wo)man, let your confidence be found in Jesus. ” Look unto Jesus.”

Have a relationship with Him today, and you’ll never regret it.

He will beautify you honour despite your past.

P.S: Tomorrow, I shall talk more on this 👆, please, stay tuned.

Even when you had lost so much in the past, He says “come unto me and I will give you rest…”

Jesus is talking to you. Approach Him with your burdens.

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