By the special grace of God, I am Edet Crownofglory Patience, daughter of the Most High God, therefore I am a Christian.


By His grace and privilege, I am a Christian Story Writer, Creative Writer, Content Creator/Developer, Blogger, Self Discovery Coach. 


I love writing and speaking but I love writing most because through that I’ll be able to express myself well.


My writing ministry is in line with fulfilling the purpose of God for my life. I pass deep messages from the throne of grace and I expose the devil through writing.


I rarely write for fun.


I am also a teacher by profession and by ministry.


I love working with the youths, especially teens. I love counseling them on what is right and how to discover their purposes very early in life. That’s why I created a WhatsApp platform for the youths, 360° Talk With Crown.

Like I said, aside teaching English Language, I also teach Literature-in-English.


I blog at


Facebook: Edet Crownofglory Patience


Instagram: Crown4King_Ventures


Twitter: glopatluv






I love you but God loves you most.

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