My Little Win

My little win, a few months ago, a giant influencer chatted me up, she asked if I was fluent in the Yoruba language.


Yes, I responded. I told her I was fluent to some extent, then she referred me to a radio presenter in Ekiti FM radio. (Details on the attached flyer)


Thereafter, the presenter chatted me up and interviewed me. I showed her what I could do and the level of my fluency in the language. Boom, she set a date for the live interview.

The demon called FEAR

At first, I was afraid of going live. Do you know why? I was afraid I could commit blunders in the language. I kept asking myself different questions of “what if”.

My little win


On a set day, I was interviewed by the presented, Mrs. Modupe. Though the network wasn’t quite friendly, yet, I was able to achieve a milestone to the glory of God.

Her interview questions took me down memory lane. I smiled and frowned while reminiscing on my good old days.

I smiled when I remembered that point where I came to discover myself, my purpose, and my golden pen.


I frowned when I remembered how I allowed various excuses to keep me tied to a spot. I felt the guilt of starting late. Maybe I would have gone far if I had started earlier rather than postpone my action point. Be it as it may, I still appreciate God who makes things work at His time.


My Little Win

In as much as I celebrate His grace upon my life, I look forward to a greater interview which I know He would bring my way.


Yes, I covet greater heights to the glory of God.

Here are a few lessons for you to learn.

1️⃣ Never postpone your action point. Don’t postpone till tomorrow what you have to do as soon as possible.

I remember that one of the children rhymes says:

“Tick says the clock ‘tick-tick, do what you’ll have to do, do quickly.”

Also, “make hay while the sun shines” because time waits for no one.


2️⃣ Anywhere you find yourself, be good to yourself and people around you, you never can tell who would be your ladder to breakthrough. I appreciate the gracious Giant who referred me, God bless you, ma’am. Thank you for trusting me.

What next?

3️⃣ After purpose discovery, what next? I congratulate you for discovering yourself and your purpose. However, should that be the end of it, don’t you think you need to explore more?


The truth is that there is a lot more than meets the eyes after these discoveries. Honestly, this point of discovery is your starting point to personal development.


Yes, it’s not only about self/purpose discovery, there is a need to acquire more knowledge and skills that would beautify and redefine you. Hence, you need to train your mind to receive this development.

I appreciate your best wishes.
We are going places!


Do you agree with me? C’mon, please, show me your alliance in the comment section.

PS: If you have an interest in listening to the recorded interview, then you can send a DM to me.

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