Don’t Miss It!

Have you ever missed it? Don’t miss it again. Recently, I saw a lady by the roadside, she waved down a tricycle rider who was at a high speed, when he was almost bypassing her, she quickly shouted her destination. However, because of the rider’s high speed, he couldn’t just stop abruptly.


Perhaps, when the waves sent the voice of the lady to his hearing, he discovered he was heading in the same direction with the lady, then he signaled the lady to join him.

Unfortunately, she had changed her focus, she had looked elsewhere since the rider didn’t stop immediately for her. There, she missed the opportunity to go with that rider and earned herself few minutes of languishing under the sun.


Don’t Miss Any Opportunity!

Who says another rider/opportunity won’t come again? No one, right? But then it will cost her another level of sacrifice which will definitely be painful. Remember, no pain, no gain!


That, exactly, is life for me and you.


So many times we prayed and fasted to God for the desires of our heart. At times, it could be that we pleaded for a favour from somebody in the position to assist us, however, because the answer we expected didn’t surface immediately, we looked and walked away, therefore we missed whatever opportunity was to come from that end at that particular time.


Climb the ladder of opportunity.

By implication, there is a need to be patient as you climb the ladder of success, if not, you might miss your step which might cost you a lot, reflect deeply on this.


We were taught a song back then during my secondary school days, “…opportunity once lost, shall never be regained, do not waste your golden time…, for the days are rolling by.”

As much as I agree partially with the song, the truth is that the opportunity might be regained but it will surely take time. However many of such opportunities won’t come on a platter of gold.

Get a ladder II


Be wise!

Hence, BE WISE in order not to miss the first one that comes. Though you might say it’s luck but I say it is whatever you plant that you will definitely harvest. Therefore I implore you to plant while the sun is still up there in the sky, so you can harvest at the dawn of the day.


I’ll be glad to know that you’re ready to make a decision and stand by it without looking away carelessly for a second.


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