Top Secrets to Become a Consistent Writer (Part B)

Top secrets to become a consistent writer part B begin here. Funnily, within few days, I exhausted all those ideas that I thought were tonnes of ideas.


What next?


Crownofglory was stuck!

Moreover, the fear of what to tell my audience and how to go about getting another set of the muse. I was afraid of disappointing my audience whom I had told to sit back and enjoy 31 days of hot inspirational articles/revelational stories.


Did I give up? No


Just like I stated in the first part of this article, I felt like giving up. (Just in case you didn’t read it, visit…onsistent-writer/ to get it)



The Top Secret to being a consistent writer part B!


The muse is gone, what next?


Though I had a tight schedule; I was busy at work, and daily house chores almost drained me, yet I refused to give up. Within a few days, I exhausted my muse. How did I overcome this? Hence, I became a better listener!


Afterwards, I began to pay rapt attention to my environment, discussions, nature, and the likes, the result of these activities was 31 contents that would soon be turned into a book.


Top secrets to becoming a consistent writer (Part B)



A step is all you need to climb the ladder, who says you can’t do it? Please, drop that dreadful notion and become you!


In all honesty, you don’t have to be a bad writer to take up this challenge. Yes, you read well. You can even be the worst writer for all I care but one thing you need is to have the beacon to become a great writer within you.


Secret to become a consistent writer


Nevertheless, once you have that desire to become a great writer, then you can join this challenge, you’ll be surprised at how far you can travel within 31 days.


One day, I went through some of my articles, stories, and poems which I compiled and converted to a PDF file a year ago, and I asked myself if those were really my work, thank God that I had my inscription on some of them, if not I would have thought otherwise.


However, the truth is that I don’t plagiarize, I have never done such a sinful and despicable act and I will never do it, if I really need to share the content, then I would rather share the content or copy and paste it, then type “copied” beneath the content than plagiarise. (If you’re into plagiarism, please desist before God’s wrath comes upon you).


Therefore, the fact that I don’t plagiarise gave me more assurance and joy over some of my work that didn’t have my inscription on them.


If I could have achieved that as a novice, then you too can do it; either as a novice or as an experienced writer.

Start Now!
Thank me later!
Become a champion within 31 days.


Note: That wasn’t the first time that I challenged myself. Aside from group challenges, it was my second personal challenge.


Mind you, I used to dislike challenges, because of the fear of being defeated.


As I write to you presently, I am contesting in a 12weekchallenge in the Leadership Group and we are still in the third week.


Don’t be afraid, you too can become a champion!
Trust God!
Trust Yourself!!
Trust Me!!!


Anyways, I hope you have found out the top secrets to become a consistent writer part B? Be intentional, discipline yourself, encourage yourself and challenge yourself!

Crownofglory Accountability Club is here to aid your journey to consistency.

I love you.

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