Top Secrets to Become a Consistent Writer.

Top secrets to become a consistent writer, to start with, have you ever wondered how and why writers are awarded as the best writer of the year? I have received the award twice, it’s due to consistency.



Top secrets to become a consistent writer; I became a champion within 31 days of consistently writing.



A few months back, I had tonnes of ideas popping up in my head, my sense of reasoning was really foggy. I couldn’t think straight; I almost lost my mind.

You know what?


The inspiration of what to pen down was dancing both in my head and my mind, to the point that I began to daydream.


Mind you, writing wasn’t (it’s still isn’t) a big deal for me, far from it. The big deal at that time was that I felt too busy to have ample time to sit still, not to talk of scribbling on phone.

Top secrets to become a consistent writer






What was the solution?


I challenged myself to A-31-Day Writing.


No, it wasn’t 31-day fasting and prayer like you thought. Aside from the spiritual aspect, you’ve got to set out to work to have results.


Then I challenged myself to write consistently for 31 days.


People on my WhatsApp Broadcast list can testify to how I sent them messages consistently for 31 days. The truth remains that I didn’t really have the time, there were times that I sent the message a few minutes before midnight, yet I made sure I sent a message per day.


Was I not busy? Was I not fed up? Didn’t I feel like giving up?


My answers to these questions are yes, but I charged and encouraged myself that I can do it?


Watch out for the second part of how I became a champion within 31 days. My top secret to become a consistent writer is being intentional!


Note: This is to charge you that you can achieve what you set your mind to achieve. If I could be intentional about my writing journey, then you should be more intentional about your purpose/self-discovery!


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