What is Self – Discovery?

What is Self-discovery?

Having realized that purpose discovery is the foundation to your self-discovery and every, other stages to growth, then you need to press forward on life’s journey and that would lead you to self-discovery.


Do you know that discovery comes about after series of questioning and researches? Now, it is time for you to sit and begin to make researches about yourself.


Besides, self-discovery is a lifelong journey that involves a gradual process.


Therefore, there is a need to ask yourself questions that only you can answer truthfully, and if there is a need for you to take a step further to ask your parents or people in your circle about who you are, then do it.




You need to study yourself afresh. Get to know the real you by studying yourself and asking yourself questions.

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are

Self-Discovery Questions


🔷 Who am I? This comes under self-identification.


🔷 Get to understand what triggers your emotion? This is where you need to discover your emotional strength.


⚜️ Likewise, there is also a need to search out your mindset. Psychology is a scientific study of an individual’s mindset and behaviour for different situations. What makes you angry to the point of throwing tantrums? What gladdens your heart and what puts you off?


⚜️ Mentally, what are the things you can take, or things that would affect your brain to the point of causing you depression?


These and many more are things that you need to discover about yourself or someone else, this will aid you not to only care for yourself but it would boost your self-confidence.


Moreover, you would learn to appreciate who you are and you’ll stop comparing yourself to others.


If you have discovered yourself, I congratulate you because you’ll definitely love yourself before loving anyone else.


If you’ve not, then there is a need for you to embark on the journey as soon as possible. Good luck!

That would be all for now, please stay tuned as the journey unfolds.


I hope you have benefited from this article, please, let’s read from you soon.


I love you.


I remain Edet Crownofglory Patience
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