What is Purpose Discovery?

What is purpose discovery?

Fumbi: Oh God! “I have been lost for a while now, I wonder who is going to help me out.”


“All I keep hearing on the street of social media is purpose discovery, self-discovery. I wonder what all these discoveries are about.”


My dear are you like Fumbi who is at a loss?


Move closer let me tell you something.


Your question is What is Self/Purpose Discovery, right?

Now keep calm as I take them one after the other. Self-Discovery in a layman’s language is about how well you know yourself, that about you discovering yourself. Yes, you read right.



However, before we delve into Self-Discovery, let’s consider why you were created first.


If I may ask. Have you ever seen an uncompleted building?


What is paramount to a building?

Did I hear you right?


Purpose Discovery is the Foundation!

Do you realize that before a building can stand it must have a well-structured foundation?

What is purpose discovery?

Just in case you don’t know, ask any bricklayer around. No building can stand without a foundation neither can a building be erected successfully on a faulty foundation.


What am I saying in essence?

Discovering your purpose is the foundation that you need to erect your building of life on. Just like you need a solid foundation to erect your bungalow, duplex, skyscraper, and all forms of mansions, so also you need to discover your purpose all well before venturing into self-discovery and others!


I hope you’ve learnt something from this post.

I’ll explain self-discovery in my next article. This is the next level of progress.


In the meantime, please, stay tuned!


Note: If you’ve not discovered your purpose, start your homework now! Without it, you can’t live a fulfilled life.


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