Written by: Crownofglory Patience Edet

Today, while I endlessly waited for the Power Holding Company of Nigeria to bring their power to us, without success. I had to go to a charging center where I paid to charge my phone.

Within a few hours, my phone that was almost epileptic before I paid for it to be charged got to a point of satisfaction. I saw and felt life in my phone, this affected my mood, I was also happy and alive.


This made me wonder what would have happened to my phone/mood if I had kept on waiting for the Power company, the answer isn’t far fetched; my phone would probably have been buried, and my mood rotten.


In life, there are times that we wait continuously for success just to mention our names, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. This probably makes us feel dejected, depressed, oppressed, etc. This state gives birth to lots of children that are a related to failure.


We shouldn’t allow these children to slap us in the face as if they own our lives. Imagine what state I would have been in if I had nowhere to charge my phone.


I know of a woman in the Bible who ran after a miracle when it seemed liked a miracle was far from here. The woman with the issue of blood had to run after Christ, not only that, she grabbed His garment; she was an action taker.

Unfortunately, today we have few action takers but many jokers in our society. You shouldn’t kill yourself all because success is far from you, rather you should put on your clothes, fasten your belt and run after success. Give it the sacrifice it requires; sleepless nights of praying, working, etc. and you’ll be surprised at the outcome.


Success on its own has the power to do what it likes. It only goes to whom it desires to visit, and to others whom it sees that are worthy to welcome it.


As an individual who is aspiring to be great in life, you should go out of your way to lodge Success. You don’t need to wait for it to be in your neighbourhood for you to invite it over, you can leave your comfort zone and run after success. If you really know who you are and what your aims in life are, then no one will teach you to leave your comfort zone to get success.

Let’s support one another on this journey to victory, for we are all victorious.

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