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There is this boy who normally comes to my compound to play, the boy is mentally retarded.

Because of this, many children younger than him do take him for granted, oftentimes, they beat him and make him cry.

And like the Advocate that we are, whenever we are there, we intervene and pass judgment on whoever beat him unjustly.

I guess he is so accustomed to this fact that, whenever he is beaten, he would cry out.

This afternoon, I was inside when I heard him cry out. Deliberately, I stayed back with the mind that he will keep quiet when he is done crying or if no one comes to his rescue. I never knew I was only deceiving myself. He cried to the point that I was being affected by the noise he was making.

Minutes later, a mentally sound girl and around his age group, walked up to him and requested to know who made him cry, he pointed out the person. Without much ado, the little Advocate took charge of beating the boy that made him cry, this boy was way younger than the person he beat.

What surprised me and brought about this article is the fact that this little boy stopped crying immediately he sighted an Advocate. He knew he had achieved his aim.

Then, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to some things which I’ll like to share with you.

Hmmn! Many times we pray, cry to God, and often we stop this exercise when we ought to tarry for Him to hear us. If we don’t tarry in the place of prayer how will He know that we’re really in need? How will He know that we’re serious and in pain?

Peradventure, He might think of lingering a bit since we don’t seem to want to trouble Him that much, it means we can still bear the pain. Is that true my brothers and sisters?

No, I guess. At times, we stop praying because we are tired of praying on a subject for too long, and at other times, we stop because we believe our faith is enough, the faith that doesn’t reach anything.

In this nation, we need to cry in prayer more so that our dear Advocate would hear us, know that we are serious, and then send in Advocates(helpers) our way.

My dear brothers and sisters, we need to pray, cry, and intercede more so that people that need to hear us will hear us and take us seriously when they do.

I believe that you’ve learnt something just like I did, please, put this into action. Let’s endeavour to pray more, tarry in places of prayers just like the disciples tarried until they were endued with power from on high.

I know this isn’t easy but trust me, His grace is sufficient for us.

Oh Lord, please, I ask for the grace to wait longer in prayers until I receive great answers to my prayers, no place for assumptions in my and your life in Jesus’ name…Amen.

Remember: The Bible says “Pray without ceasing”. Likewise, the widow in the new testament kept knocking on the Judge’s door until he opened the door and intervened in her case.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way saying that little prayers don’t work at all, but it is time to pray more.

What do you feel?
Let’s pray more for our dear country!

I love you.

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