Mary (Joseph’s wife): Matthew 1: 16
Mary seem to be the only woman mentioned in this genealogy without a previous ‘husband’, but let’s look it at in another manner.


Two people are dating, then the lady who is meant to be a virgin got pregnant and fiancé got to know. Then, an Angel told le boo “dude, don’t you dare walk away from that relationship, marry that single Mum like that”. Because Joseph had a relationship with God before then, he accepted to marry a ‘single mum’ and he did not even touch her till she had the baby, despite that they got married.


They were in the same room lawfully married and he did not have sex with her? Joseph sure had good sexual discipline.


Matthew 1: 25 (NLT)
But he did not have sexual relations with her until her son was born. And Joseph named him Jesus.


Not only did Joseph accept to marry a single Mum, he agreed to be a foster father to the child. Jesus is called the son of David, even though he was ‘adopted’ by Joseph who was from David’s lineage.

Going through the story of these five women, what I can see is none of them had the conventional relationship life. We sure know that for every man listed in that genealogy, there was a woman involved in the equation but the question remains why did the first chapter of the New Testament commence by introducing us to women whose relationship lives weren’t perfect?


I may not be able to tell the exact reason, but I think this is to help us open up our heart to the reality of justification. This is to help us understand that irrespective of our past, God can use us. This is to help us understand that God does not see as men see (this is not an attempt to justify sin please, you don’t want to pay for your sin like David).


Everything you are going through now will make sense someday, remember ALL (not some) things work together for good to those that love God (Romans 8:28).

Your life may not follow the conventional path but you are not forsaken. God specializes in brining something meaningful out of nothing.
No matter the challenges life has thrown at you, your life can still become meaningful. Hey, don’t you ever give up on yourself because of your past or present.


Everything you have ever gone through is raw material for your desired future. The world will not gather to hear a smooth story you know, if it is smooth we will call it luck hence no lesson to learn from it.

I will drop my pen singing this song:

“God is able to do just what He says He will do, He’s gonna fulfil every promise to you. Don’t give up on God, cause He won’t give up on you, He’s able.”

See you on top!

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