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I was using my phone’s wifi 📶 to connect with my other phone 📱, that’s phone A & B. Then, I suddenly had the urge to go somewhere.

Meanwhile, I was reading something on phone📱B which was using a borrowed wifi 📶.

What happened after a long walk?

I lost the connection, I mean, phone B was disconnected from phone A’s wifi 📶 connection.

Why? It moved away from its source of power.

Get it right, please!

The wifi 📶 connection was still on, but phone 📱 B walked away from the network connection from phone 📱 A.

Many times, believers carelessly walk away from His presence and at other times, unconsciously, we walk out of His presence. How? Sometimes through our speech, actions, attitude, and at other times, through our conduct.

One thing that we need to remember is that, God is the Omnipotent and Omniscience One, yet, He won’t force you to stay connected to Him.

His power is never outdated or forgotten, but, once you let go of His hands, you’re doing yourself ALL harm and not “more harm than good”, because there is no good outside God.

Dear friend, if you’ve walked away from His presence either carelessly or unconsciously, please, without much ado, pack your luggage, and return to your Maker.

He is waiting patiently for you.

There is a prayer that the Yoruba people normally render “wherever God’s eyes will not get to, may our legs not lead us there” it’s a big prayer.

May our legs not walk 🏃 us out of His presence into destruction in Jesus’ name…Amen

Please, have a rethink before it is too late.

Do you know what?

Immediately I returned to my base, of its own volition, phone 📱B re-connected to the wifi 📶 from phone A.

Get back to His waiting arms.

Kindly have a rethink before you take a walk out of His presence, and lose out completely.

Therefore before you take a walk, kindly consider the consequences.

I love you.

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The One with the Bleeding Ink.

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