2. Rahab (Boaz’s mother): Matthew 1: 5
The story of Rahab is known to many, as she played a pivotal role in the Israelites conquering Jericho.


She is popularly called Rahab the harlot (prostitute). She must have done the business to the level where it became her ‘surname’.

One of the things some don’t consider about her is that she was a good negotiator, permit me to say an astute business woman (I am not in any way supporting prostitution).


After she ‘gave security and hospitality’ to the spies, she asked for ‘security’ back (Joshua 2: 8-13).


Another thing about Rahab, she must have mastered how the king’s men work as this helped her to give the best strategy to the spies.


She told them to hide in the mountain for three days (Joshua 2: 16), which they did (Joshua 2: 22) and that helped them escape successfully from the king’s men.


A prostitute knowing how government officials work? Wow!


When the wall of Jericho fell flat in Joshua 6, Rahab and everyone in her house were the only ones saved.

Everyone in Jericho couldn’t have been prostitutes. Even though it was an unbelieving place, some would have had good morals.


Why didn’t God pick those ones? Why will God choose to save a prostitute?


That is why God is called Awamaridi meaning unsearchable. He does as He pleases.


Then, in Matthew 1 we got to know that Rahab was the mother in-law of Ruth. (The book of Ruth should have come immediately after Joshua I guess)


Prostitution has always been seen as a gross sin, but a former Prostitute was found in the lineage of Jesus Christ. This shows the power of forgiveness. Someone defined justified as JUST AS IF S(HE) NEVER DID IT.


I don’t know how deep you were in sin or still are, but I know when you genuinely repent and don’t return, everything you ever did will be thrown in the ocean of forgetfulness and God can still use you in no small measure.


To be continued…


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