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Guys, I heard that “overfeeding is a sin”, is that true?

Please kindly bail me out.

Well, while I await your feedback, let me quickly share my experience on that line of thought with you, and why I believe it to be true.

You won’t believe what those babes with tiny body frame did.


Yes, you should know those babes that live off town.

Yes, I’m talking especially about that akproko that hates minding her business but will never refrain from minding ours.

Please, read on.

My mum was there “jeje” on her own when this babe carry her tiny bones go meet my mum.

Wetin she wan talk?

With her big belie, na so she waka go tell my malle say she wan eat from her kitchen.

“Like seriously, you mean am?”

“Okay, make I touch your belie see o”.

That was what my mum told her.

“Kpoar”, that was how she vomited everything that was in her belie previously, just because my mum touched her.

Shey you see why them talk say “overfeeding is a sin”? She just committed a sin by wasting the food she vomited.


Somebody else could have made good use of that.

That’s how babe mosquito get killed by the second, they won’t be satisfied with the litter of blood they’d sucked.

Despite the fact that their belie is swollen enough, they would still want to overfeed, to the point of getting killed.

That was how my mum killed a mosquito which wanted to suck her, after the quantity of the blood it’d swallowed, and it was so unfortunate that it lost its life.

Next time, it would have a rethink before going out to overfeed.

Hey friend, don’t be like that mosquitoes.

An adage in the Yoruba language goes thus “ikun n je ogede ikun n redi, ikun ko mo pe oun t’odun ma n pani.”

The interpretation is that “the squirrel goes about enjoying that sweet banana, it doesn’t have an inkling that that sweet thing will kill it.”

Ask Mr. Squirrel how many times it was killed because of its love for bananas.

Ask the mosquitoes, how many times they got killed because of their love for blood.

Ask the fornicators, how many times they got killed, because of their love for sin.

Hi sinner friends, yes, you’re still my friend, please turn around and embrace Christ, He is waiting to save you.


Don’t allow yourself to be killed by the devil 👹, please.

Sinners, please, know that the love for sin will definitely send you to hell if you refuse to accept the Lordship of Christ over that of the devil.


He loves you.

Happy last day in September, may He make it a day to Remember for good for you in Jesus’ name…Amen

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The One with The Bleeding Ink.

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