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Who cares?


Yes, you read right, who cares?


Do you think it’s been easy to be celibate for such a long time?


Oh no! I can no longer cope.


Haba, if you don’t praise me, I praise and I’ll continually praise myself.


All through my days in secondary school and the higher institutions, I’d been keeping my hot feelings to myself.


Countless times, I refrained from spewing my feelings, so I don’t offend the key leaders of this parish.


Well, if they like, let them expel my family from their parish. The deed had been done, with no regrets.


C’mon, don’t look at me like that.


Of course, I don’t regret any of my actions.


I know you don’t wanna be in my shoes.


You don’t wanna imagine how hot my body was, it went beyond the highest degree on the thermometer they use for COVID – 19 patients.


Finally, I saved myself from hurt, and only I know how blessed I am to be in this state.


OMG! I can feel his kick.


Oh, darling baby, please, don’t be in haste, I can’t wait to deliver you safely.


God bless your dad wherever He is.


Sweetheart, honestly, I love your work in me, and I can’t wait to bring him out for the whole world to see you in him.


Hello dear reader, thanks for reading to this point.


I hope I didn’t disappoint you. I’m sorry if I did, but my intention was to make you super proud.


Guess what?


I’m pregnant with my first, no second book. Yeah right, I’m definitely pregnant, and I can’t wait to give birth to him.


The Father of this bouncing baby in me is the Holy Spirit who loads my head daily with inspirations that I can no longer keep to myself, else I’ll be a wicked person.


I’m going to birth him for the world to see, feel, and read, to the glory of our God.


Let’s be realistic here, I’m actually pregnant with hot inspiration and it’s affecting the comfort of my flesh.


You know now?


Keep anticipating.


Disclaimer: There is 0% hurt in celibacy. The Lord knows how to take care of His people. Abstain from premarital sex, it darkens a bright future.


I love you.

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