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Many times I wondered and keep wondering why my height is of the average, you know? But who am I to question God? He does all things as He pleases.


One night, I was about going outside of the room, and to do that, I’ve got to unlock the door from the inside.


Gently, I approached the door. I stretched myself just to get to the lock, so as to open the door by myself and for myself.


Oh! I stretched and stretched. This thing became stressful for me, I looked back and saw one of my brothers seated comfortably.


Within me, I thought about it, if he was to be in my position there, he would have unlocked the door with ease.


Did you read that?


Then, I got inspired to write this article.


Truth be told, many people stress, stress, and continually stretch themselves in order to unlock the hook and open the door to their treasure boxes, I mean they go through strenuous activities before they can’t perceive any form of accomplishment.


On the other hand, just like my brother who is taller than me, many people attain their heights in life with ease, I mean, success gets to them via little efforts.


There is a prayer in the Yoruba language that goes thus; “God, please give me a little job with a great turnover.”
That is, get a little contract worth millions of naira.


However, whatever part you belong to from the above illustrations, don’t forget that the end justifies the means.


Eventually, I was able to unlock the door, and I successfully went outside.


My advice to you is that, don’t join the multitude to do evil.


No matter the years and time you put into your work, with God by your side, you’ll surely be successful.


In life, it doesn’t matter who finishes the race first, the most important thing is that you got to your landmark, and you completed the race successfully.


Warning: never you run ahead of your Maker.


I hope I’ve been able to deliver His message to you this day?

Please, remain blessed, and walk-in His path, because success is yours no matter who gets successful first.


Remember, He didn’t create you for suffering.


May He bless every good work of our hands in Jesus’ name.


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