Written by: Edet Crownofglory Patience

I was staring at those immature mangoes on the mango tree when I was suddenly stoned.


At this season of the year, the number of mango fruits on this particular tree amazes me beyond description. It is the first of its kind.


The Creator of this delicious fruit is awesomely amazing.

By the way, what stoned me? I wondered and began to scan the area.

Do you know that we all have an “enemy of progress”?

Yes, right. No matter how good you are, you surely have an enemy that is against your progress.


Before you begin to search around and wonder what I meant by that, please, permit me to ask you this question, is the devil your friend or enemy?


Oh! Please pardon me, if the devil is your friend, then, you don’t have him as your enemy of progress.

Well, I eventually found out who and what stoned me. It was the enemy of those beautiful immature mango fruits that stoned me with one of the immature mango fruit.


What is this enemy? It was the wind.

Yes, you read right. The wind stoned me, all because I was admiring the beautiful work of the Creator and also salivating against the day of harvest.


What am I here to say?


Those immature mango fruits were very many on the tree, but the adversary which is the wind blew and detached those immature fruits that weren’t well grounded.


The truth is, it happens to every one of us, especially those who are friends with Christ. However, if you’re rooted in Christ, then, nothing dares to detach you from Christ, they can only try but they can’t succeed.


There are times that this kind of wind whacks me, it shakes me, makes me shed tears, weep, and cry like a newborn baby. Yet, in all, I keep holding on to the hem of His garment. He is all I have.


During this period, my faith is tested. Within me, even when I’m too weak to fire prayers, I’ll keep pleading for mercy and reminding God of His promises.


Why? Because I trust Him and I am rooted in Christ.

At times, the wind will shake to the point that some people will advise me that I should visit an herbalist, but I’ll tell them that my God is able!

The devil will always throw different stones at you, but please be rest assured that faithful is He that has called you who is able to keep watch over you.

Don’t look back, please!

Don’t doubt Him, please!

Keep praying, keep talking to Him!

At times, I remind Him that since His name is Emmanuel, I’m certain that He is beside Him, so I’ll speak to Him and rest my head on His imaginary shoulder and I’ll regain my peace.


Be watchful of these advisers, some of them were sent by the devil to ensure you do not get to the promised land. Mind you, your promised land could be the next place you’ll step your feet on.

Keep holding on!

Just like some immature mango fruits that fell off, some of your friends or loved ones would be detached, yet don’t be distracted, keep trusting Him and you will never fall off the track in Jesus’ name.

My ink really wants to bleed more, but I’ll like it to stop it from bleeding for now.

I hope you’re blessed?

I look forward to hearing and reading your testimonies.

Stay blessed till I come your way again.

Note: The wind in itself isn’t evil, please.

I remain Crownofglory – Global Influencer

I am the One with The Bleeding Ink!

Happy Weekend to you

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