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Yes, I dumped it.

I finally had the courage to divorce it.

Yes, I let the bastard go.

He almost ruin everything about my life.

I almost went crazy, and became a shadow of myself.

Prior to this time.


He approached me like a gentle man, he professed his undying love to me and with open arms I embraced his love.


I was the happiest lady on earth. I felt fulfilled, I felt complete because he shew me love I had never experienced in any of my previous relationships.


Oh! I would cross the deepest ocean just to be with the love of my life. The only man whose smile tickles me and makes me beam with sunshine.


He would take me to dine in a five – star restaurant. Many times, I would dress in my flowing gown; oh my love for flowing gowns.


Once he sights me descending majestically from the staircase, he would take numerous pictures of me. He would compliment me like that was the end.


Little did I know that I was going into a journey of captivity. His words enticed and lured me into embarking on a journey of “almost” no return.


Thank God, I am out of such union, I’m glad I made it out of such relationship alive.


The name of the bastard who almost sent me to an early grave is ENVY.


Envy is a cankerworm that the devil sent out to destroy young and passionate young individual.


This is a kind of spirit that makes an individual long to be in whatever position his/her friend is in.


Envy can be enticing, yet, destructive.


How was I able to divorce it?


I moved closer to people who envy wanted me to hate.


I like, make comments underneath their post.


I compliment their work.


I dumped my pride and humbled myself by asking questions from them.


I befriend them.


With these above points and some other, I was able to dump the bastard and his forefather – the devil.


What are you waiting for?


I bet you’ll feel great if you can confidently divorce the bastard that has been making your life miserable.


I look forward to seeing you progress in life.


I am committed to both your physical and spirit growth and success.


I love you.

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