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Dare the Truth.

Many people tend to run away from something daring as truth, they see it as too daring and painful.

Please move closer let’s talk.

No matter how much you run away from it, it will never make it change it colour.

The truth will never lose its taste, colour or vapour just because you’re running away from it. It will remain and hunt you, no matter what it takes.

So I’ll advise you to accept the truth about yourself, that relationship you put/found yourself and the family you found yourself.

Accept the truth about your past.

Accept the truth about who you are.

Accept the truth about your relationship.

The earlier you accept this truth, the faster you’ll deal with its pain and hurt.

Truth they say is bitter but the truth is, the bitter nature of truth can never make it change its status.

Accept it and deal it with fast!

Tomorrow may be too late.

Remember, only the TRUTH can set you free. So says the Holy Book.

I love you.

I am committed to both your physical and spiritual growth.

You need someone to talk to? Then reach let’s hang out.

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