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Friends, please permit me to quickly remind you of something.


“Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled, whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.”


The above portion of the Bible is so deep. I know you don’t want to be judged by God for a sin you deliberately committed? Forget the past, I’m talking about the present.

Truth is, it is normal to be in the ‘mushy’ mood, yes, God gave us that feeling and He also gave us the power and the will to control and keep it under check.


See what the Bible says!


If the Bible records that “the spirit of a prophet is subject to a prophet” which means you can keep your “Holy Spirit” in check when the moment isn’t conducive, if this could be done to the Holy Spirit, then who says you can’t control your emotions.


Don’t get me wrong, being in the “mushy” mood isn’t the sin here, neither is being tempted a sin, but the sin here is giving in to the mood and also falling into temptation.


Brother, please don’t force that sister to bed with those lies you tell her; “after all, we will be married in some months, so it doesn’t mean”.


Like seriously? Brother, it means a whole lot.


Sister, don’t be deceived, it means the end and it means hell.


How will you feel to have a smooth and chaste courtship?


A courtship that’s filled with prayers and testimonies.

A courtship that you’ll be so proud to share testimonies of.


Dear brother and sister, please do the right thing and enjoy a peaceful and blessed home. I can’t wait to hear your testimony.


Be an encouragement and not a disappointment!


God will help us all…Amen.


Please, control yourself and don’t feed your flesh.


Leave your bed sparkling.


I love you and I look forward to seeing you have a blissful marriage.

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