I welcome you all to this interview session with Crown.


Seated for this interview session with Miss Crown is Mrs. Lizzy Oyebola Yakuba a.k.a. Mrs. Yaks, I call her Mama Lizzy.


Please, kindly allow me to give you an intro about this great personality.


Mama Lizzy is a great woman of impact. She is my first teacher in the world of writing. She is my… Please, let me stop there, as I allow her to take it all from there.


C: Ma, can we meet you, please?


M: Sure! My name is Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu. I am a child of God, a wife, a counsellor and a teacher. I am the provost of De-raconteur Writers College by His Grace. I am the founder of The B.U.D. Family International. I am a blogger. I blog at de-raconteur.com and theyaksfamily.com respectively. That’s okay, I guess😊



C: Could you please share your salvation experience with us?


M: Well, if I plunge into that, your blog will probably sink in because of plenty talks. 😂😂


I got saved in the year 2010. I had just recovered from a life – threatening issue at that time. Coming out of it was a miracle and God’s hand was just seen all over the situation.


I was so curious to know who this God was and why He loved me so. Gbam, God caught me and since then, He has never let me go.

C: Glory be to His Name.



C: And He will never let you go in Jesus name… Amen


M: Amen.



C: Mama, news have it that you’re from Korea, is it true? Where are you from?


M: Hahahaha… C’mon, stop that! Hahaha… I am not from Korea o. Is it bad to love South Korean movies ni?

I love the story outlines of Korean movies. I love the suspense build. I love the aesthetics. I love the decency. That is why I love to recommend those movies to my students, provided they have eagles eyes to see what I do see in them. Well, make sure you don’t get addicted!


C: Oh yeah, ma’am.


C: How is Deraconteur’s College doing?


M: We thank the Lord. De-raconteur Writers College is moving forward and the gate of hell shall never prevail over it.😊 We have produced hundreds of students and by His Grace, great things are in store. Our latest set has just concluded her final examination. They all will be graduating next week by His grace. Wait for what God has for us in in August/September. God’s glory must just be glorified in our talents!


C: Amen! We must give it all to God.



C: What does it take to become a member or a student of the college. Please, tell others because by His grace, I’m a bonafide alumna of that great citadel of learning.


M: Well, as I said earlier, watch out for what DWC has starting from the ending of this month. We are taking a new turn in our registration and courses. In time past however, once a sum of money has been deposited in a stipulated bank account, students would be registered to the WhatsApp classes. Registration was and is still going to be simple, however. So, watch out!



C: OMG! I must say your blog always blows away my mind whenever I visit it, I can’t get over the emotional and spiritual stories I get to read from there.


M: Glory be to God sis. Only God deserves the glory. I get to wonder just like you at times but then, a house built upon the Rock it is! The Rock is Jesus. He must glorify Himself.



C: What’s your source of inspiration?


M: The Holy Trinity! I have no other source o. No! No! No! That is why you will hear me say ‘For God’s glory’ ‘Glory be to God’ ‘Thank You Jesus.

Olúwa lágbára mi. God is my strength.



C: Recently, you celebrated your one year marriage anniversary, for that I say happy anniversary, ma


M: Thanks so dearly. You are just so current. Hahaha



C: How has the one year of marriage been?


M: Fantastic! Amazing! In actual fact, no word can quantify how I feel, being in the Will of God.



C: Madam, how do you feel to be married to God’s best and will for your life?


M: Ah, the feeling! That feeling is satisfying o! It is actually a feeling that makes me cry out in gratitude. A feeling that makes me to give God so many imaginary hugs in my prayers. A humbling feeling! It is also a challenging feeling because I constantly have to remind myself that if God would go an extra mile to do me this well, I must go an extra mile to lift Him up in this generation also.



C: By the way, is there anything like “The Will of God”? If there is, what is the meaning?


MAh, there is o. If we humans have our wills, our desires, our plans, our goals and aspirations, what about God?


You think He would simply send a tiny baby to this world for such to do whatever he wants?


As children of God, He guides us in His Will if we can totally tell Him that we let go of ours. Our own wills are selfish, tainted with the adamic sins and for the moment. God’s Will is pure, well calculated and for the very best end which is Heaven.


The Will of God isn’t only in marriage. You can’t be walking in your will all this while, come to Him for His Will, His choice, His desire for you in marriage and He would answer you. No! He wants you to consult Him for everything. If you believe that there is nothing like God’s Will, do you believe that there is God’s Plan? God’s desire? God’s blueprint? That is the same thing as His Will!


As you wait on Him for every single thing and He begins to lead you into all truths, you are simply walking in His Will.



C: How was the waiting period like?


M: It was confusing at first. It was terrifying too because you know, no one desires to miss it in this area. Then, it was full of prayers and songs and fasts and walking in purpose, building myself and others, working and learning. Oh my, I had such a wonderful waiting period😅



C: What will you say to single sisters and brothers who are on the verge of giving up all because they can no longer wait?


M: Wait and wait! Waiting does not mean that you sit, sleep and fold your arms. Be busy – with prayers, purpose and trusting.


He that shall come shall come and shall not tarry. Hold on!




C: What does it take to wait on God for a life partner?


M: You need to know the Lord for who He is. You need to love Him and follow Him for every area of your life. Don’t say ‘Ehn ehn, God, let me choose my school, handle my emotions, decide to study my Bible or not. Decide to pray or not. You just give me my husband/wife. That is all I am asking of You.’


Mbanu! God wants your all!


Pray until something happens! Pray till your joy is full!


Have faith in God. Truth this Father never to fail you.


Stop shooting your shot until you have heard from God. Terrible mistakes, heartaches and a jump into the Atlantic ocean await the person who tries to choose for himself/herself.


This kind goes not but by fasting and praying. Accompany your prayers with fasting. It is just a means by which you tell your flesh that you do not want to follow in its desire. You are lifting up the spirit and totally surrendering all to Him when you do so. Search your life before fasting. If you fast while you have some hidden sins in your life, you are not fasting. You are on hunger strike. Settle with God and man first before fasting and the Lord will hear you.


Fasting is like adding a sling to your prayer. As you pull it, the prayer goes farther than if it went without the sling (fasting).



C: How are you able to combine your social life with your physical plus your spiritual life?


M: I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. It is not easy when I try to do it with my flesh but with God on my side, I see myself doing all impossibilities. It can only be Him👐



C: How do you feel to be a celebrated icon?


M: Ah! Well, I don’t know what to say o. Celebrated ke? I thank God for the little impacts He has done through me in my corner but there are still more lands to cover o.


Just like Brother Paul said in Phil. 3:13, I like the Goodnews Translation more. My friends, I don’t feel I have already arrived. But I forget what is behind and struggle for what is ahead. That is it o. Of course, I am grateful for my little corner but if I am blinded by it, it is going to be a heavy weight, a stoppage, a hindrance. God forbid!


My goal actually isn’t for the world to celebrate me but if Heaven celebrates me, oh what glory!


If God approves of what I do for Him, oh what joy!


C: Oh! That’s thoughtful.



C: Ma’am, where do you see yourself in the next five years?


M: IF Christ tarries, I see myself doing God’s Will and destroying the works of darkness wherever God has placed me.


I see myself raising generations of vibrant people who are ready to love the Lord and hate the Devil the more!


And if Christ appears in the sky, I see myself by Grace, reigning with Him in glory. Amen.


C: Amen. God will grant you your heart desires in Jesus name… Amen


M: Amen and you too, dear Sis.



C: Mama, do you have mentors?


M: Sure. There are so many people I look up to. They might not be known people to you but to me, they mean the whole world. But my greatest Mentor is the Holy Spirit. I love to follow His footprints because He is infallible.



C: What’s your favourite quote, ma.


M: “If there is a man to pray, there is a God to answer!” 🙌



C: By the way, ma’am, you just concluded a program in the month of July with the B.U.D family. Now my questions are:


a. What is B.U.D?


M: The Babes of Unique Dynamite Family is a growing family of God’s daughter. It is an online family that caters for the needs of many daughters of Zion spiritually, physically, emotionally and so on. Check our blog at www.thebudfamily.org to find out more about us.


b. What was the program?


M: Yeah, it was our annual Juicy July programme. Every July, we fast and pray together as a family over so many life’s issues.


c. How did it go spiritually in the group?


M: To the glory of God, it was marvelous! God glorified Himself with so maaaannnny testimonies. To Him be glory, honour, majesty, might, dominion, power forever more. Amen.


d. How were you able to combine these activities with your role as a wife?


Sorry about these questions, though I would have loved to ask you more questions but for our time. Let’s hear you ma.


M: Well, it was not easy. It really wasn’t but as I said earlier, with God on my side, it was possible. I must add that I had a story series running (It’s still running) on my blog at that point and had to still pay attention to my YouTube channel and other works. For the whole thing to still go on smoothly, it indeed was the Lord’s doing!



C: Recently, you published a book titled “The Lovers’ Diary”. People have really been talking so much about how they’ve been greatly influenced by the book. I can also testify to that fact, I have been tremendously blessed and motivated by The Lovers’ Dairy. How can our readers get the book ma’am?


M: Oh yes! THE LOVER’S DIARY pulled in more than a thousand readers on the first day of its release. It is the love story of my husband and I. Many testimonies followed the release, to the Glory of God. To get a copy, all you need to do is subscribe to our YouTube channel ‘The Yaks Family Vlogs’, screenshot your subscription and send to theyaksfamilyvlog@gmail.com. You will get a copy for free. The book is fiery, to the Glory of the Lord.



C: Wow! You’re really a super woman, the typical woman that was described in Proverbs 31.


M; Smiles… Thank you, but all glory be to God.



C: What words will you leave for the youths and singles who are looking up to be like you in the nearest future?


M: Stay in the Lord and He will place you where He wants you.


Never you bury your gifts and talents.


Be prayerful and love the Word of God.


Listen for the Voice of God because only then is your future secure!



C: What’s your advice to youths who are afraid of making the first step?


M: Ah, start it! This world is like the sky o. Everybody in the world can fly and there would still be a large space left.


There is something inside you that has to be heard, seen and touched. Birth it! Don’t keep your pregnancy in you for too long. That’s abnormal. Go into labour and birth it! Start little and see yourself grow large! With God on your side, all things are possible.


Trust Him, if not, you will only be a clapper in this generation. Be a doer! Do only what God wants you to do anyway. It is not compulsory you do something on the social Media and on blogs or YouTube Channel.


Don’t follow mentors and social media influencers blindly to the extent you want to do EXACTLY what they do. Your paths may be another way. Don’t be a copy, be an original! Follow God!



C: There are many young people who really wish to reach you, they’d like to have a direct chat with you, how can such people get in contact with you, ma’am?


M: Sure! You can have a direct access to me by sending me a mail at deraconteursite@gmail.com



C: Wow! I believe in the true saying, “A word is enough for the wise” You’ve said more than enough mama, God bless you ma.

Thank you ma for honouring our invites. We really appreciate your time here.


M: You’re welcome dear. All to the glory of God



C: To our dear readers, listeners and followers, please, stay tune till we come your way next time on the Interview Session with Crown.

However, don’t forget to drop your feedbacks in the comment section.

God must have spoken to you via this session, kindly share those lessons you learned.

I remain Edet Crownofglory Patience

Bye for now!

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  1. This is really great with eye openers. I love Mama Yaks so much and have sat under her ministrations severally, really loaded. All thanks to God

  2. Waooooo. To say am richly blessed isn’t enough to quantify how much this has affected me.

    And I say,I am grateful. Thanks for being who you are under God Ma.

    Thanks to you too, ma’am Patience.

  3. Wow! This is so instresting. If there is a man to pray, there is a God to answer.
    Never you bury your gifts and talents ✍️
    God bless you ma.

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