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Yes, I’m finally walking down the aisle.

Finally, years of loneliness are over.

And I finally said yes!😁😁😁

You can’t imagine how it feels to be locked up in that state of dejectedness, loneliness, depression and torment.

Though, I treated Him unfairly from the onset. Despite His pleadings, bleedings and suffering, I deliberately ignored Him because I felt I won’t have fun with Him.


If only I knew, I would have said “yes” years ago and avoid those wasted years.


Instead I clung to that man who I later found to be ugly, a cheat and liar. He is an epitome of negativity!


I almost missed this once in a life time opportunity with the Lover of my soul. I can’t forget that night, I almost lost Him for life.


I saw Him pack His stuff and made to leave my home, I guess He was completely fed up with my excesses.


Friends, please don’t be like me. Many times, I banged the door at Him, I blocked my ears against His sweet and romantic words, I hissed at him and spat on him.


Oh, how cruel I was!


My eyes were suddenly opened the minute He lifted His bags and made His way out of my life.


Friends you won’t believe what I did.


I ran after Him, knelt and dragged the hem of His trouser when He was about taking out His last step. Oh! I wept sorely, I can’t believe how much my nostrils were blocked by sputum, I could hardly breathe.


Then, as loving and compassionate as He is, He had mercy on me, He forgave me. He let go of His luggage and faced me with a smiling face, I couldn’t believe this, I almost disappeared.


Then, with a bright smile, He knelt on a knee and dipped His fingers into His breast pocket. I wondered what He had to do with such a romantic smile.




“Please, be my bride” was all I heard.


I pinched myself just to be sure I was alive and not dreaming.


When I was sure of my state, I jumped on Him and we both landed on the floor. How funny that was, thank God we weren’t injured.


“Yessss, I’ll be Your wife!”


I screamed so the world could hear me.


This means the world to me.


I can’t believe I am already walking down the aisle with the Love of my life, the man I once treated like trash, the man that patiently waited for me to be ready.


God bless you Darling!


“I promise to be loving, caring, humble, submissive, obedient and every good quality that you can think of” With a smile, I said those vows and by the grace of God, I mean every word I uttered.


Oh sweet Jesus! Thank You so much for Your love, care and understanding.


Thank You for giving me another chance!
Thank You for forgiving my excesses!
Thank You for pardoning me!
Thank You for beautifying me with such an adorable white garment.


Friends, I have been blessed ever since I said “yes” to Jesus because my life has never remained the same.


There are worthy differences between when I said “yes” to Him and when I clung to that ugly loser.


Please, come to Jesus today and you’ll never regret making that decision. See Him at the door of your heart waiting for you to say “yes”.


Revelation 3:20 says ” Behold, I stand at the door, and knock; if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.


Stop rejecting Him, please.


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