The Two Sides of a Coin.

Written by: Edet Crownofglory Patience

Welcome to this soul searching episode.

Don’t forget that Madam Chicken chased away uncle Bruno in the last episode.

Madam Chicken had deliberately registered fear in the mind of uncle Bruno.

At another time, the Owner of Bruno went to feed it, she poured some bones on a surface for it.

Guess what happened?

Madam Chicken dominated on the bones that was meant for uncle Bruno. Bruno had to wait patiently at a corner for madam chicken to be through with whatever it was that it was doing over Bruno’s meal before it moved closer.

Madam chicken took it time to eat up edibles from part of uncle Bruno’s meal and left the bones behind.

You won’t believe this, Bruno learnt from the last encounter, hence, it minded its business.

Here 👇👇👇 are few points that we really need to ruminate on.

👉 Have you really made your stand known in the Lord? Madam chicken revealed the authority it has. How are you exercising the authority you have in Christ?

👉 Don’t be fearful. The name of Jesus is enough to send those demons that had been tormenting you packing. Exercise faith and authority because you have them all in you already.

👉 Are you just going to give up like uncle Bruno? The fact that you were attacked once doesn’t mean you should surrender to the devil and allow him to take over the glorious future that God has for you.

👉 Your place is not with the crumbs but the edibles. Uncle Bruno allowed madam chicken to eat up edibles from its main course. No, my sister and brother, you have the quality assurance in Him, you don’t have to keep settling down for less, you’re made for the top and not the bottom.

Don’t give up. Fight more, please!

Enough is enough!!!

Take your stand!!!

Take authority!!!


Make use of the authority He has placed in you.


Stay blessed till the Holy Spirit directs me to your way again.


I am committed to your spiritual and physical development.


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