There Are Two Sides To A Coin

Written by: Edet Crownofglory Patience

My mum narrated a story of what transpired between one of our native chickens and Bruno.


Who or what is Bruno?


Bruno is our dog that had featured in some of my articles, you can read about them on the blog because there are lessons to learn.

Back to my story.


Here is the story: Madam chicken that had just hatched it chicks was without stamina. In case you don’t know, it takes female chickens 21 solid days and nights to lay and hatch their chicks.


What a world of great impact, influence and affluence for the female gender!


God bless all female creatures on earth in Jesus name… Amen. (Yes, including snakes) Don’t look at me like that o.


Like I was writing jaree from what I was told.


Madam Chicken was imbalance, hence it couldn’t feed its chicks properly. They weren’t sucking breast sha.


The Owner of this chicken decided to feed her chicken, she poured some feed on a surface for the chickens. While the mother chicken was at it with its chicks, uncle Bruno walked down the path where mother chicken was feeding with its chicks.


Mother Hen decided to warn uncle Bruno not to come near it and and it chicks. Uncle Bruno vampirez its teeth and stylishly inform the hen that it was not coming its way.


Unfortunately, when mother hen let off its guards, uncle chased it and it chicks. There was mother hen that was still imbalance in its walk, it was rising and falling. What a world!


People around decided to intervene by calling back uncle Bruno, when they did, mother hen re-strategized and chased uncle Bruno despite the fact it was not itself.

This is a chicken that was still recuperating from the pains of labour.

Mothers! Once again I hail thee. Thy labour in life won’t be in vain in Jesus name… Amen.

That’s not all. Please, patiently come with me as we all are in for a big spiritual blast.

Did it catch uncle Bruno? Of course not, yet it did all it could to protect its chicks despite its Ill health.

I don’t want this article to be longer than this, hence I’ll break it into two episodes.

Before I do that.

Let’s talk about the life lessons here.

➡️ A mother will always be a mother. The role of a woman can never be overemphasized, hence, If you have a woman around you, please take care of her now that she is still with you.


❤️ Brothers, take care of your sisters
❤️ Children, take care of your mothers
❤️ Husbands, take care of your wives
❤️ Fathers, take care of your daughters.

➡️ My dear, the devil is always roaring and snooping about seeking for whom to devour, just what the Bible says. He does really move about, see what uncle Bruno did to mother chicken, it was going jejely, even to the point of surrendering and telling it that it was harmless, what did it do when mother chicken let off its guards? It attacked.

❤️ God will help us to be careful.
❤️ God will help us to be vigilant.

🤍 Be mindful of those you surround yourself with because when you least expect, sheep in humans clothing would want to attack, I pray that this won’t be your portion in Jesus name… Amen.

➡️ Mother chicken refused to give up the fight o. It retaliated, re-strategized and re-attacked. My question for you now is who are you?

❤️ Are you that brother/sister that gives up easily because the devil has truncated his/her dreams? Will you just give up like that? Ask Esther, “if I perish, I perish”.

❤️ Are you that person that someone in your family had cursed and said you’ll never make it and you just answered “so be it”. Brother/Sister can’t you be the Jabez of our days?

❤️ Your business just foiled and you’re fine with that because that’s the umpteenth time you’re trying, brother/sister where were you when Thomas Edison was trying and failing? What about Abraham Lincoln, if he had given up just like you’re attempting to do, would you have heard of him?

❤️ Mama, you can’t give up just like that, you can still be pregnant nah. Please, ask mother Sarah how old she was when she got pregnant, ask mother Hannah, if she hadn’t tarried in His presence would she had given us prophet Samuel?

❤️ No sister, don’t marry just anyhow brother. That you’re not married at this almost – old – age doesn’t mean it’s over. Ask sister Ruth, she was once a widow without an issue in a strange land. Please, keep waiting and keep trusting Him, God has never disappointed anyone. He is never late, ask brother Lazarus that was long buried nah.

❤️ Brother, don’t say you’re tired of church girls so you can no longer wait, brother you can not go on that assignment with a tissue paper as a woman. You need a woman that will be the prayer bone you need in your ministry, ask Mummy Mike Bamiloye. Please, be wise, don’t marry a woman that will rather mar you than make you.


Brethren, what am I clamouring?


Please, Don’t Give Up!


Please, Learn To Fight Back!


I Know It’s Not Easy Because I’m Also Fighting But I Refuse To Give Up.


I Refuse To Be A Failed Mission.


I Refuse To Cause Heaven Sadness And Pain.


It is not by my power but I know that His grace is sufficient for me, His grace is sufficient for us all.


Hold on to Him!


Hold Him tight!


I love you.


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