Written by; Olapade Oluwapelumi Phillip

Out of the mind of man comes the issues of life.

The mind is the centre of all human thoughts, whether negative or positive.

Our attitudes come as a result of what we feed our mind with. A day won’t pass without having thoughts running through our mind, it’s not possible.

What we engage our mind with is the reflection of who we are.

Your personality is as a result of what you link your mind with. You’re what you eat, what you eat determines your development and growth.

Those who we identify ourselves with is also a reflection of who we are. You act as a result of who you move with.

There is a saying that goes thus: “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”, have you ever wondered why you act differently when you are with your peers. There are some things you do while you are with your friends that ordinarily, you won’t do them if you were to be alone.


How we engage our mind is the ultimate decider of what we become in life.

Your thoughts determine how far you will go in life. If your mind is always filled with negative thoughts like, can I make it in life? Can I go far in life? Can I achieve these and that? Don’t be surprise that you will find it extremely difficult to break the chain, because you are a carrier of your thoughts.

Remember, if you think positively you will act positively.

On this note I will implore you to feed your mind with positive meal (thoughts), so that you can become who you wish to become.

Don’t let your thoughts limit you, dream big and pursue your dream.

Engage your mind with productive tasks.

Stay tuned, till I come your way again.

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