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I was at the farm few days ago.

Don’t be surprised, I’m a vegetable farmer. Please, contact me for your vegetables, especially ugu.

While I was weeding on the farmland, I saw a snail in it’s hideout. I picked the snail and buried it by inserting its columella, that it’s tail dip into the soil.

I went back to work for a while. Fortunately, I picked another snail and I repeated the same process.

Minutes later, I returned to their “burial ground”, I was dumfounded. One of the snails was on its way, probably it wanted to quickly get to the market, it was able to escape from its burial ground, not only that, it was really far gone before I found it.
I returned it to the ground.

I picked another snail, and as usual, I repeated the process.

By the time I returned the third time, two of the snails had escaped and were both on a fast pace, while the other was still buried by the tail.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Despite the fact that I deliberately dipped the tip of those snails into the ground so they won’t move, they did.

Then I began to wonder, who says snails are slow? Who says snails have slow pace? Did God say that about them?

Though two of these snails struggled out of the burial ground I created for them, they did not relent even after the first phase of struggle, they moved ahead.

That brings me to ask you some questions.

📌 What is it that the Lord hasn’t said about you but that people have been clamouring on you?

Why do you allow whatever people say to define you?

Why do you allow situations to restrict you from getting to your promised land.

See this!

There was a day I held a snail at it columella. I expected the snail to stay calm but no, it kept on fighting and struggling in order to set it self free.

The funniest thing was that, whenever it brought its head out of the shell, it sends its “horns” out. It sends its horn out like an antenna that goes about searching for signals.

Whenever the two antennas touched the tip of my fingeer, the snail retracted its antenna and faced another direction. This was done repeatedly.

The snail didn’t allow the circumstances around it to define it, instead, it kept on struggling to find headway.

Could you please apply these lessons to your life?


👉 The Creator created you wonderfully and beautifully well, you are unique. Therefore don’t allow whatever anybody says to define you. Be who the Lord says you should be and not what the people around you say you should be.


👉 No matter your environment, dream big. Let your dream be your driving force. Those snails dreamt of leaving that hole and they did, though, they didn’t escape 😎😎😎


👉 Do not compare your success space to others’ because God created each of us uniquely.


👉 Do not allow your situations to bury your head into the ground when the Lord has promised you victory.


👉 Do not allow the world to limit your potentials by agreeing to the name tag the world gives to you.


There are many lessons to learn from these snails.

Kindly share them in the comment box.

Say to the world; I am Unique!!!

I am Wonderfully and Beautifully made.

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