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Uncle, how market?

I heard that those girls are running after you, are you people in a marathon race?

Do you remember what Joseph did? He escaped from Madam Portiphar. Why is it that your own is a “come-and-get-me type of race?”

I understand the fact that you’re handsome, hence the ladies are flocking around you. Abeg, what does your handsomeness have to do with you fulfilling your purpose?

Must you allow these ladies to continually rob you of your glory? After you’ll give us that rice and beans excuse “they’re the ones chasing after me?”

Can’t you make your decision and stand by it?

My advice to you is to “Zip Up” before you’re zip off the way.
Remember, time waits for no one!

Why should you make out with your supposed girlfriend’s friend? That’s inhumane.

Why should you allow a lady to encage you all because of the five minutes “self pleasure”?

If only you value the treasure that the Lord has placed in you, then, you’ll not allow any lady to cage you.

To be frank, you have a lot of potentials that are laying undiscovered in you. Do you want to return to the grave with them? Do you want to enrich the cemetery with your potentials?

God forbid? Yes, God forbid.

C’mon, you’ve got to brace up!

You’ve got to deliver yourself like a “rogue from the hand of the killer”. Do you know that once the devil discovers your destiny/glory, he fights tooth and nail in order to crush you and rob you of the great potential that the Lord deposited in you?

Ask Brother Joseph, his brothers almost killed him but for God’s grace and intervention.

Don’t wait till those ladies destroy the better part of you before you’ll start pleading with God for mercy.

Noooooo! Stand up now!

The Lord wants you to give your best to Him.

Discover yourself/purpose/worth!!!

Know your self worth, now! If you do, no old lady or rich lady will exchange your great worth for some token amount.

C’mon, you’ve wasted enough time.

Joseph fled before Madam Portiphar, that is why he was preserved by God.

Surrender all to Him and have Him lead you through.

His grace is sufficient unto you.

Discover your Self/Purpose and Worth today, because tomorrow might be too dangerous to begin what you ought to have accomplished already!

Therefore, refrain from losing your self, purpose, worth, glory, destiny e.t.c

Hence, “make hay while the sun shines”.

Be blessed!

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