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I was about to search for something on Google when I put on my phone’s data.

Oh mine!

I saw the internet connector moved on high speed, my eyes were following it with all enthusiasm and my mind was racing after it, but all of a sudden that speed collapsed.

Phew! My internet connection was weary, so it collapsed.

Google greeted me with “Check your internet connection”. I almost shouted WHAAAT? I checked it and to my utmost amazement, the thing was flat.

I mean I was out of data subscription. These people can so disappoint somebody without notice.

What exactly am I here to tell you?

How many people started a race with all enthusiasm but they never completed it? They didn’t make it to the finishing line.

How many times did you embark on a project and back out halfway?

Many times in the past, I had made plans, created time table on how to achieve my plans, only for me to collapse by the way.

There had been uncountable times like that, even in the spiritual aspect; fasting and praying, especially. I used to leave them halfway. Why?

What do you think causes this?

Most times, we are so keen about our passion that once we embark on that journey to fulfilling purpose, we disconnect from our Main source and every other sources.

Hmmn, what a pitiful state!

Can a fish survive outside the water? If yes, for how long?

If you’re on your path to fulfilling purpose and all of a sudden you disconnect yourself from your source, what do you think will happen? Dear friend, the enthusiasm will slip off, just like that!

The spiritman will be dormant.

I have been there, so I know what it feels like.

I believe you’ve seen an athlete before. Especially athletes on a country race; I’m mean those who really won the race. They began their race with ease at first and afterwards, they increased their vigour bit by bit, till it came to a state where they had to exact all their energy, and finally they gave it their all, why is it like that?

Do you know that it’s not really about how you start, but how well you were able to handle the race, plus how well you made it to the finals.

A Yoruba adage says: “Ibere kii sé onisè, a fi eniti o ba fori tii d’opin la o gbaala”, which means that “the starting point is not really the work (the main issue), but whosoever endures to the end would be saved”.

You see? It’s not about the initial enthusiasm and vigour, it’s solely about how well you were able to maintain the vigour, and how well you were able to sustain the vigour till the end.

How do you overcome these sappers?

There are some signs to look out for in order to avoid falling into this state of “rising and falling off”?

Here are some red flags to watch out for.

📌 Procrastination ➡️ Procrastination is one of the things that hinders and cuts short journeys. What you ought to do now, you’ll decide to leave it till tomorrow, and little by little the zeal would be gone. And before you know it, you’re no longer interested in that project, writing, skills acquisition because you want to try another one. I have been there!!!

🤍 Please, stop procrastinating❕

📌Doubt ➡️ Doubt is another major factor that makes you miss your goals. The enemy here hinders you from seeing yourself for whom you are, it makes you to see others on the same path with you far better than you, and you suddenly drop the mantle; that’s another cankerworm that saps.

🤍 Believe in yourself and you’ll achieve it❕

📌 Pride ➡️ Pride is not easily noticed. When you begin to see yourself in that shoe of “I have arrived” just because of the little achievement you’ve had so far, then, you’re a ‘gonner’. Tell me what somebody that has “arrived” has to do with reading or speaking to anyone? This feeling makes that individual to feel on top of the world, thereafter, this person sees him/herself as being too good to mingle, and in no time, s/he will fall off.

🤍 Humility yields greater gain compare to pride, hence, be humble❕

📌 Fear ➡️ Fear of the unknown is another enemy of this vigour. Once you constantly allow fear to play around on your mind, then, in no time the enthusiasm would be gone. Fear is an enemy that cages ideas, thereby hinders an individual from aiming high.

I’ll like to stop there for now.

In summary, please, go back to your source, go back to your fountain.

Here is another adage in Yoruba language: “Odo t’oba gbagbe orisun re yoo gbe”. A river that forgets its source will dry up.

Please, do not dry up.

A word, they say, is enough for the wise.

Please, be wise!

I am also learning from this and by His grace I’ll make amends.

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