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Help! Help!! Help!!!
I missed it.

Hey! please, can you keep a secret?

Please, don’t inform my mum that I missed it.

All right, let me tell you the secret. For some days now I’ve been searching everywhere for it. I don’t know where I misplaced it, I don’t know where it went. I can’t find it.

I don’t know where it is, I wonder what’s going to happen to it. Please nobody should inform my mummy, let this be between us.

The issue is that I lost my … patience.


Hello Friend, how did you feel? Were you startled? Okay, why were you startled?

Were you scared for my sake?

Thank you for having me in mind.

Anyways, it’s not what you thought/think/thinking.

If what I said could hit you and made your heart skip, how will it be if you wake up one morning to an empty, noisy and cloudy atmosphere?

How will you feel if what you woke up to was to realize that you missed the RAPTURE?

God forbid! Right?

It’s going to be more than this heart skip you felt for me.

It is going to be terrible!
It’s going to be outrageous!!
It’s going to be an Irreparable loss!!!

What do you think?

How will you feel if you to miss the sound of the rapture?

Oh my God!

Give me a heart like Christ’s.

Please, help me to live my life daily with thoughts of going to Heaven.

Help Me to act daily with Heaven in view.

It won’t be palatable for ME to miss the rapture.

The devil will torment me in a way that I will continually live to regret missing it.

Lord Jesus, I pray that You’ll help me, give me the grace not to miss this glorious journey – rapture.


My dear Brothers and Sisters, what are you saying for yourself?

No amount of money, tears, wealth, affluence e.t.c can replace the joy of going to heaven.

Therefore, be watchful and be careful as Jesus is coming soooon!

God will find us faithful and ready to make it home in Jesus name… Amen.

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