Written by: Edet Crownofglory Patience

Some time ago, while returning from work, I was in a vehicle with two of my senior colleagues.

Then I saw a man with clutches, he sat aside on the motorcycle, I wondered how comfortable he was in that posture.

Then I ask a one million naira question from my Senior colleagues: Is there anyone on the surface of the earth without a challenge?

And they both replied “No”

Then, they went further to iterate that challenges differ.

Hmmn! I thought on this for a while.

One of them said it is a means for us to glorify God.

When I alighted, I decided to reminiscence on these words under a shade.

All of a sudden, the breeze blew beautifully, and I felt cool instantly. What I saw afterwards made me doubt my eyes.

The flowers I was romancing started shaking. Like seriously? I had to use my fore finger to check if my eyes were not dozy.

It was then it dawned on me that the flowers were actually moving to the rhythm of the wind.

Do you know what I learnt from that?

The flowers had challenges; some were incapacitated (trimmed off), some were sicky (dried off), some were handicapped (injured), e.t.c. yet, the flowers as a whole were praising God.

I was dazed.

My dear reader, is there a challenge that you’re going through presently, that makes you feel it is too worst to be your portion?

Yoruba people will say “dupe tie” meaning be grateful for yours.

God always leaves at least; a reason for us to appreciate Him.

Do you know that the man on clutches will still have enough reasons to praise God whenever he sees or hears about another person’s challenges?

I, Edet Crownofglory Patience, I have CHALLENGES, and by His grace, I give thanks to Him continually.

Do you know if there are no challenges, there won’t be victory?
That’s a story for another day – “Trial before Triumph”.

The Lord wants us to be strong and He also promises that He won’t allow us to be tempted more than we can bear.

Therefore, if there is no challenge on health, finance, business e.t.c. there won’t be a means of being grateful unto God with mouth agape.

By the way, have you ever tasted bitter – leaves soup? If no, please, come let me serve you just a plate of my delicious bitter – leaves soup, you’ll never remain the same. 😁😁😁😁

If yes, then, you’ll agree with me that the end taste of bitter – leaves soup whenever you sip water, is always refreshing and tasty.

Little wonder an adage in Yoruba language states that “Adun lo ngbeyin ewuro”, it means “sweetness is the aftermath of bitter – leaves”.

Hence, expect your agony to turn to glory, with God by your side.

I hope you’ll take these into consideration? I await your testimonies, as you faithfully trust and abide in Him.

Please, make these your resolutions👇👇👇

📌 Learn to appreciate God in whatever situation you find yourself, as you continually put in your efforts to work to the betterment of your situation.

📌 Pray without ceasing.

📌 Trust Him continually.

📌 Praise Him always.

📌 Have Faith in Him.

P.S: Please, don’t misquote and misunderstand me. Do whatever it takes to improve whatever you’re going through, WITHOUT leaving the God-part.

Don’t be afraid, you’ll will soon overcome these challenges in Jesus’ name…!


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