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Many times we left our real self and step into another person’s shadow, without knowing that no one will see us in that state.

Sometimes we feel we can do what s/he is doing, hence, we unconsciously become a shadow, an imitation of the original person.

Tell me what can you get from a fake product other than dissatisfaction?

God will help us…Amen.

If you’re familiar with my signature beneath my articles, you’ll know that I conjunct few of the services I can render, and ensure the list is attached underneath my articles.

However, after a while, I felt like what I’ve been writing is too expository, that people might not like it. I felt that some people will think that I’m showing off, poor me 🙈🙈🙈🙈.

So the next day, I removed the list of the services I can render and only wrote ©Crownofglory and left out others.

Would you believe it that I had a message waiting for me in my inbox in lieu of my previous article?

This woman of God said “I saw one of your articles, are you really an editor?” I answer in affirmation and boom, we got connected.

Do you know that no one taught me what to do next?

I realized that most times we lose opportunities all because we left our position and stepped into another man’s shadow.

After we’ll be singing those children rhyme to them: ⬇️⬇️⬇️
“Begging – begging, e no good o,”
“Buy your own o,”
” E go better”
“Better! Better!! Better!!! Shame!!!”

Why not find yourself and stop copying others?

Like what two of my Coaches told me recently, “Crown, do what makes you happy.” You know that thing?

Whatever you feel gives you satisfaction is what you should be doing and not what people says or thinks about you.

Whatever gives you satisfaction should be what you should engage in and not what people thinks or says about you, so long it’s yielding results.

I was once operating in the shadow of someone else until I found myself and my voice. I discovered myself, I discovered my purpose and my life hasn’t remained the same.

What do you still gain from copying others?

What I gained then were: dissatisfaction, bitterness, anger, jealousy and envy e.t.c.

All these aforementioned are not part of God’s will for our lives, that is why God wants us to discover His “Why am I here? – Purpose” for our lives.

Can you do that without Him?

He is the Manufacturer/Creator of you, so ask Him for the manual for your life.

You wanna know how to go about it?

See me in camera.

There is nothing as sweet as putting on your shoes and not someone else’s.

God is awaiting your call.

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