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What is false accusations in the first place?

False accusation is pointing an accusing finger at someone without having a solid proof.

Last month, a neighbour’s phone just disappeared from their room, very late in the night. No one knew who did it.

To the best of my knowledge, I believe the thief isn’t from our compound.

Because our gate is a partial gate, by that I mean; it can accommodate anyone who wants to pass underneath it.

One thing led to another, they started accusing my younger brother!

Hmmn! It has been so serious.

They continually sing songs that he stole the phone and was about stealing the new one she just bought, when he was exposed.

I shake my head for them sha!

I have cried and prayed that God should expose the thief/thieves and put our accusers to shame.

God just have to take this reproach away.

This hasn’t been answered yet, but I believe and trust in my God. He deliberately allows some things to happen so we can learn and I believe He’s giving the thief/thieves the long hand of mercy, so they can repent and not perish.

How do you react in such situations?

Do you accuse people without proof/evidence?

If you’ve been doing that in the past, then, I plead with you to stop doing it.

There is/are repercussion(s) for all our actions.

If the person you accused wrongly cries to God, you’ll be amazed by the outcome.

I don’t accuse people anyhow.

Even when I have the proof, I might still doubt the proof until it is staring glaringly at my face before I’ll eventually take it in.

By the special grace of God, I’ll come back to testify by the time God exposes the thief/thieves and plead my family’s cause, because I know He is the Father of the fatherless, Defender of the defenseless and the Great Judge!

These are my advice to you this evening ⬇️:

➡️ Don’t make this mistake of accusing someone without having a solid and clear proof. It is dangerous and deadly.

➡️ Don’t contribute to such accusations when you aren’t sure enough, just to please your neighbour. For when the consequences come, you’ll partake in it.

➡️ Live a life that’s pleasing to God and people around you, so that you’ll have people who can bear you witness. Most of all,so that God will fight for you.

All actions have consequences.

Be warned, please!!!

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  1. True, through this message I’ve cleared mine too. I lost my phone in school and accused my friend in my mind cos she’d done it before.
    Well🌹I drop all accusations

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