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On Tuesday night, one of my friends reached out to me and reminded me that I had a class on skill acquisition scheduled for that night.


I asked her what time it was, and to my surprise she said it was time already and that they were expecting me in the group.


Like seriously?


Oh mine! I had forgotten that I had a class scheduled for that night.


My day was very hectic.


When she perceived from my voice that I was worn out, he asked what should be done.


If I had told her to postpone the class, she would have obliged but I summoned courage and told her to prepare the class and give me few minutes to come in.


Honestly, I was beyond exhaustion, yet, I couldn’t afford to disappoint people, besides, I have a name and a brand to build.


Without much ado, I went online.


Still my network wasn’t friendly, yet, I persisted. Do you know that portion in the Bible that says “though Gideon was tired, yet, he kept on pursuing his enemies” (paraphrased).


In the course of the teaching, something miraculous happened.


Something I had been questioning myself on how to go about it for sometime, opened itself up to me without much effort.


I mean, it still amazes me how it happened. I can only say that that was my reward for being diligent in my duty.


To think I was planning on paying to acquire that little knowledge but of it’s own accord, it came to me. Isn’t God wonderful?


Why am I telling you this?


Don’t wait for people to cajole, encourage and visit you before you do what ought to be done.


The more you do good, the more good you’ll get in return.


I learnt something that night.


God has been a faithful Rewarder who never leaves His children stranded.


Stand up to the place of doing good and get it done before it is too late.


I promise you that you’ll get more good than you bargained for.


Don’t forget that the more you teach, the more you’ll learn.


Stand up and teach!


Stand up and give out!


Give it your best today!


Do good at all times!


Note: When you point a fore finger to someone, three others return to you. That means that, you’ll get multiple rewards in return just for doing one good.


My dear, go for it, because it will end up paying you than the person you shew good to.


“A word is enough for the wise”!!!


Do good and receive manifold good.


I repeat; DO GOOD!!!



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