2. CONTINUER (FRUIT): these set of people usually begin as employees but

due to their loyalty they rise. They are employees that act like
entrepreneurs (intrapreneurs), which is why it is easy to handover to them.
They work with minimal supervision, they take a little idea and turn it to
mighty yet remain loyal. Life is usually easier for them as compared to
beginners, because the platform was set already by their predecessor.


a. Peter: was one of the disciples of Jesus and among Jesus inner
circle. A number of places in scripture recorded where Jesus was
alone with Peter, James and John.

i. Mount of transfiguration (Mark 9: 2)
ii. Mount of Olives (Mark 13: 3)
iii. Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14: 33)

Peter loved Jesus so dearly and followed him from the beginning of
his ministry to the cross.

But, Peter followed Him at a distance Matthew 26: 58 (AMP).
Jesus knew Peter loved him as Peter showed this through his loyalty,
which was why he handed over the ministry to Peter in Matthew 16:
18-19 and John 21: 15-17.

One would think that Jesus should not have chosen Peter, because
he knew he would deny him. But Jesus was wise enough to know that
his action did not mean disloyalty, which was why Jesus told Peter,

Satan has desired to sift you like wheat but I have prayed for you
that your faith will not fail and when you are restored help others
(Luke 22: 31- 32). Jesus knew that the challenge was a building block
for Peter to rise.

Two people can commit the same offence with different intentions,

God weighs our actions (1 Samuel 2: 3b). It is important for
beginners not to let go of their continuer because of some wrong
actions, we all need to understand that human beings make mistakes.

However, only the Holy Spirit can help us know the different

b. Elisha: scripture never recorded God speaking to Elisha till Elijah
exited. Elisha however remained faithful in serving Elijah and
followed him to the point where the chariot took Elijah away, despite
Elijah telling him not to come. Little wonder Elisha got double portion
of Elijah’s anointing.


“Elisha son of Shaphat is here. He used to be Elijah’s personal
assistant.”- 2 Kings 3: 11b (NLT)

c. Joshua: scripture never recorded God speaking to Joshua till Moses
exited. All the time Moses was going to the mountain, Joshua

So Moses arose with Joshua his attendant and he went up to the
mountain of God. – Exodus 24: 13 (AMP)

In our contemporary world, an example of continuer in Christendom
(Nigeria) is Pastor E. A. Adeboye. He was a lecturer (employee) before he
became a full time Pastor (employee) in Redeemed Christian Church of God,
due to his loyalty among other things to the predecessor, Pa Josiah
Akindayomi he has become the team lead and the ministry has flourished

A continuer can be frustrated when serving a boss that easily feels
threatened by the intelligence of their subordinates. Hence, beginners
need to continually work on themselves not to choke loyal subordinates.

To be continued

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