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I sat comfortably on a cushion chair at a friend’s place, then I started searching for a stool that could aid and relief my aching legs.


Though I was searching and scanning the room, yet, I didn’t stand up from my seat. I only sent my eyeballs out on an errand, unfortunately, they failed to deliver effectively.


Initially, I thought my eyes had scales on them that probably caused a blur vision, I never knew I was the problem.


How? I was so dormant and passive.


I finally stood up from my seat to do something else. Lo and behold, the stool was right beside me, but the arm of the chair hindered me from seeing it.


Can you imagine? There are many times that we lay accusing fingers on what is not without critically checking ourselves first. Beware!!!


Let me ask you, would I have seen the stool if I hadn’t left my seat? The answer is simply NO!


Many people are fond of “winking in the dark”, like I did. My comfort zone served as an obscure darkness to the right tunnel I needed to pass through.


Have you ever strategized on how to achieve your goals effectively?


Probably you think your goals are unachievable. My dear, no goal is unachievable, all you need do is to strategize on how to go about them.


Mind you, no matter how poor the strategies are at first, they are better than you doing nothing.


“To every successful individual, failure was once his friend” – Edet Crownofglory Patience


The fact that you failed once doesn’t mean you will never be successful. Ask Thomas Edison.


Have you ever tried to leave that place you think you get all the comfort? If yes, what happened when you did?


It’s true that there is “no gain without pain”, hence, you need to leave that place of comfort and step out.

👉 Leave that serene environment and step out into a sunny place for a start.

👉 Leave that slogan of “impossible” and embrace the shelter of “it’s possible” with all your might.

👉 Stop winking in the dark and come into the ray of sunlight, where you’d be seen by all and sundry.

👉 Wake up from your slumber and stretch your eyes a bit – in the place of reading and praying.


What are you waiting for?


My friend, step out of your comfort zone and see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Do not give yourself the excuse of “my environment doesn’t allow it”, stand UP high and nothing will hinder you from achieving your goals and being successful.


If you eventually come across hurdles, fall and rise as many times as possible until you have that goldmine in your hands.


Good luck!


  • Stay focused and be proactive!


  • See you at the top!!!

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