Written by: Moyo the God addict

Our generation is filled with several young people who make statements like “I
can never work for anyone”, “I want to be my own boss” , “I can’t be saying yes
sir/ma” etc., this is not surprising as several speakers say things such as “fire
your boss”, “salary is what you are paid to forget your dream” , “when you don’t
pursue your goal, someone will hire you to pursue their goal” etc.
As practicing Christians, I would want us to check what the scripture says. It is
important to note that not every Bible character ‘started their own’, it is also
important to note that Abrahamic blessing is not restricted to business owners
rather, it is for everyone that follows the ways of Abraham.
I have come to realise these four kinds of people (especially in their old age);
1. The best decision some people made was starting a business
2. The best decision some people made was remaining an employee
3. The worst decision some people made was starting a business
4. The worst decision some people made was remaining an employee
Unfortunately, because adults don’t speak about their wrong decisions, the
younger generation repeat their mistakes. There was nowhere in the bible where
God told us every Christian must start a business, neither is there any place that
suggests that we must all remain employees.
I will attempt to categorise our roles in life into three;
1. Beginner (root)
2. Continuer (fruit)
3. Branch (stem)
1. BEGINNER (ROOT): are meant to start businesses, ministries, inventions
etc. Ever wondered how inventors come about their inventions? When you
speak with them, you would realise they do not consider this skill
extraordinary. In fact, some of them invented things from ideas they got while they were not in a serious mode. Invention is not given to everyone,
and that’s okay.
It is important to note that being a beginner (pioneer) comes with several
challenges, as some time people don’t understand what you are up to and
the pioneers some time don’t really understand, they are just walking in
a. Abraham: the father of faith was one beginner in the Bible. To help
him function well, God had to tell him to relocate from his family. It
was a sacrifice to leave at 75years but he did. He pioneered the
Jewish kingdom.
b. Moses was another beginner. His mission was to put an end to slavery
experienced by God’s people in Egypt and he started this journey at
c. Jesus Christ our perfect example was another beginner. His mission
was to bring salvation to mankind, he started at 30.
Though the bible has many beginners, the bible is not restricted to
beginners. Yes, you can fulfil purpose without beginning and age is not a
barrier to beginning.
In our contemporary world, there are beginners in Christendom. Examples
in Nigeria, West Africa include Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi,
Pastor Olukoya, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye etc.

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