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I was reminiscing about the good old days; I remember when I was in100 level. The journey started when I went to purchase the admission form, I was told I couldn’t put in for Mass Communication, because I didn’t have a credit in Mathematics. Hew! I felt bad. How I loved Mass Communication, or I thought I did (I can shy for the world ehn).

Though, I was hurt, I adjusted quickly and went for English Language and Literature – in – English. I never knew God was interested in me, hence, He led me aright.

To the glory of God, I met up with some of my seniors during my preparation for the first semester examinations. Then, I decided to ask a simple question from one of my seniors; I asked her to tell me the full meaning of COHUM (that was my college). She said it means *College of Humanities*. Yes, I was in COHUM but I didn’t know what it meant.

Oh my God! I was amazed when I got to the examination hall and found out that the same question was asked and it carried 10 cool marks. Wow! I was blessed, happy beyond expression. You know that feeling nah, because of this, I had friends in no time. People got acquainted to me.

You know when that glory of God radiates around you, people will seek you. What are you doing to get covered with such glory? Find out that specific thing that God has created you for – I mean, discover your purpose. Once, you start fulfilling your purpose, people will seek to be friends with you.

Mine was actually unconsciously. God led me without me knowing.

I remember the first study we had under phonology was a class work, I mean a class work without and introduction to the study. The lecturer asked us to transcribe some words, a about three paragraphs and that was 10 marks. Oh my God, how I loved that thing called transcription right from my Secondary School days. I was happy and joyful.

I was smiling while carrying out the class work because it was too cheap for me.

You know that feeling you have when you find yourself on the path leading you to Him, after you might have stressed out yourself? God is happy when you’re doing what He created you for – showing His glory.

At another time, I became a teacher to my colleagues, unfortunately, some of them scored more than me, I was depressed. I shed tears, you know the feeling.

I promised myself that it won’t happen again.

Can you beat that?

As a teacher, what should be your joy? Now I know that a teacher’s joy is seeing his/her students excel. Well, maybe I ought to be happy for them but I was sad because I lost and I wasn’t even appreciated.

I seldom remember these things. Many things I wish would crawl back to my memory bank which I don’t see.

I don’t know why I remember this, but I know its for someone out there. Discover your purpose and watch His glory radiate over you.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realise all these then, I would have CLUNG more to Him but whenever I look back to the journey of my life, I still have reasons to say “Praise The Lord”. He makes all things beautiful in His time.

*Listen and Read:*

👉 No matter what the trials may be, just trust in Him and in no time, He will come through for you.

👉 Ask questions when necessary, even from the Lord

👉 Don’t joke with whatever the Lord lays on your heart.

👉 Patiently follow His leading.

👉 Trust Him and love Him.

👉 Remember, He alone can decorate your life with an outstanding glory.

👉 His name is a strong tower that you can run in and be saved.

I hope you learnt something?

These are part of the IMMUNITY I enjoyed in Jesus while I was still a baby in Christ.

Try Him today!
A trial will convince you.

Jesus loves and cares for you.

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  1. This is a good write up but more importantly, it hit on the absolute truth. Keep up the good work sister, may God continue to bless and keep you.

    ****BTW, I got here through the link you posted on nairaland.

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