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One glorious Sunday morning, I went outside to find our windows being invaded by ants.


With joy in my heart I went in to get a bottle of sniper, I poured the sniper on them, in no minute they were gone. With all fulfilment in my heart I went in.

Minutes later my brother called me from outside, he said one of our chicks was behaving like a flu – possessed bird, seconds later, he called again and said the chick had died.


Like seriously?


Just now?


Oh mine! I felt guilty for causing the death of those two chicks. They died after feeding on the dead ants, I felt bad for a while.


What lessons did I draw from this?

1️⃣ What is life? This minute you’re here and the next you’re not.


2️⃣ Be careful how you treat others because you might be fed with the same poisonous spoon you fed others with.


From the above lessons, if you’re someone that lives his/her like s/he knows tomorrow, then, you should have a rethink because God owns tomorrow and we can only be assured of a glorious tomorrow if our way is right with Him.


No one is gonna live forever, right?


Hence, whatever you do, do it with the fear of God. He may decide to take tomorrow from you. Where then will you spend eternity – the most important part of your tomorrow?


Ask the rich man and Lazarus. The rich man became a poor beggar in eternity. He begged Lazarus the once poor but now rich man for a droplet of water. Read from Luke 16:19-31


The Lord Jesus told a parable in Luke 12:16-21.

The rich man paraded himself like he owned the world, unfortunately for him, the Owner of life took it from him without prior notice.


How do you live your life? Like you own tomorrow?


How do you treat people? Do you treat them like trash because you’re in a high position?


Remember, what goes around comes around.


Treat people the way you’ll like to be treated.


Above all, let your life please God above men.

Stay Rapturable.

P.S: I didn’t do any wrong by killing those ants, I only learnt from what happened.

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