Written by: Emmanuel Ojatunwase

Not everyone who sees can make right justification based on the observed phenomena.


A man sees with his eyes and hears with his ears, and makes justification first with his heart before the mouth proclaims it.


At the point when it gets to the ear and mind, he compromises and becomes a coward who bears false witness, because of the terror of the rich.


We must learn to stand with justice so as to let peace and harmony reign. Not regarding the weight of influence which you think could satisfy your needs, don’t forget your generations will one day suffer in the hands of those you helped for the destruction of another; see right, make correct justification without being bias and your life shall flourish because those whom you’ve saved will learn attitude from you, and will definitely let and keep the trait going.

Have you observed your heart? Tell me what is wrong and what you want. Come on, let’s all go heal up because it’s left to us to decide our next Step.

I will forever wish to see a Nigeria with orderly and justifiable attitudes..

Good day.

Stay calm, stay safe and stay positive!


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