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The devil tried to hinder me from sending you an article today, but I declare the words of the Lord, and God came through for me.


Let’s get down to the business of the day.

How Do You Address Him?

Written by: Edet Crownofglory Patience

Countless times, I see people write ‘IJN’ instead of writing it in full “in Jesus name”.

Then I wonder, why they couldn’t be patient enough to round off the prayers properly and appropriately, if they were able to go through the pain of typing all the prayers in full.

From my perspective, I see this abbreviations as reducing the AUTHORITY in His name. I see it as ridiculing the Highest name.

Have you ever seen His name written in lowercase in the Bible?

However, this may not mean anything to you but honestly, it sounds and looks ridiculous. You know why?

If it were to be something that has to do with the secular world, they would have taken their time to write it out in full. You dare not shorten or abbreviate the name of any Federal authority contrary to it’s rightful way, especially as a student, because you’ll dance to the music.

We are to reference the name of the Lord.

The “Bible” is a holy book that should be written in first initial uppercase too.

If a student writes “mr” instead of “Mr.” then, such student should be waiting for a less score because s/he would be marked wrong instantly.

You may outrightly disagree with me. But like I said, our perspective differs.

Now look at the definitions below.

*Capitalization is the writing of a word with its first letter in the uppercase and the remaining letters in lowercase, including proper nouns.*

*”A proper noun is a noun that identifies a single entity and is used to refer to that entity, such as Nigeria, Jupiter, Sarah, or Microsoft, as distinguished from a common noun, which is a noun that refers to a class of entities and may be used when referring to instances of a specific class.”* Wikipedia

I hope you can make something out of these few things I wrote. When you write these words appropriately, you’ll be respected, as well as your writings.

Above all, learn to respect God in your writings.

God bless you.

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2 Replies to “How do you address Him

  1. Very true sis. I learnt that few years back. Whatever takes me to write the prayer or words in full should also make me write Jesus’ name in full.

    People tend to honour earthly leaders on Earth than God, which shouldn’t be.

    Thanks for sharing ma’am. More insight and inspiration in Jesus’ name.

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