How does he communicate with you?

Good evening.

Like I said in the morning, I’m back.

Trust you’re good.

How went your day?

Mine was pleasant to the glory of God.

It’s day eight already.


Please, come, let’s talk.


How Does He Communicate with You?

Written by: Edet Crownofglory Patience

Sometimes ago, we had an online prayer via conference call, and the preacher told a story of how one his friends came to him and told him that God hasn’t been answering his prayers or speaking to Him.

Right there while they were still talking, a chicken chased another chicken, trying to snatch the grasshopper that was in the mouth of the former chicken.

He said he told his friend instantly that God has just spoken.

“How?” He asked.

He said he told him that “somebody is trying to snatch what is yours.”

His friend was “flabberwhelmed”. He confirmed that it was true and he asked the pastor how he knew about it.

Few days ago, I posted an article on ” The Message in your Toes”, if you missed it, please visit and read it up.

Do you know what brought about the message?

Two weeks back, someone accused me wrongly, I was seriously disturbed, and that was when the Holy Spirit spoke to me via that medium telling me to forget about such ephemeral thing that will soon pass away.

Few days ago, I was grieved still because of a reoccurrence of that issue, hence, I prayed and cried to God to intervene.

Would you like to know what He told me? Actually, He didn’t say them in words.

It happened that I saw a member of the spider family on the wall, it was trying to attack an ant, I don’t know how, but the ant escaped and picked race.

Instantly, He interpreted that scene and I understood that He will and has delivered me from whatever giant that was causing me pains.

This has taught me a lot of things.

The Holy Spirit speaks to me through different means: animals, ants, plants e.t.c. and He will give me understanding to it.

Now I come to ask you this question: have you discovered how He communicates with you?

It’s not all the time that He speaks in an audible or small still voice, there are times that He paints or lays a picture in your heart. You need to be sensitive in the spirit to understand this.

The Lord speaks even in silence.

He once spoke to me via the prerecorded ATM machine words “Please wait, your transaction is processing”. I don’t think I had visited the ATM machine in a year when the thing played out in my mouth.

Check the blog for the article.

God is awesome and can use any means to pass His message across to you.

Look at the Bible, He used Rahab the prostitute, He used the Camel to stop the curse.

What can’t He use?

Please, discover His mode of communication to you.

However, like the Bible says, it takes a man of the spirit to understand things of the spirit.

I pray that God will give us understanding in Jesus name… Amen.

He is speaking, please, listen to Him and act fast before it is too late.

Bless you.

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  1. Hmmmm, this is for me. I have been waiting on God to speak to me concerning something.

    I need to be more sensitive to His leading.
    Thanks for sharing ma’am. More inspiration.

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