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I was there waiting for the commencement of the service when I had a prompt in my spirit.

I was actually beating my foot with a cane when the prompting came.

I asked the Holy Spirit “what is it?” That He should speak.

I was amazed by what He told me. I had to carry out my research by asking people some questions, to confirm what He said to me.

Do you want to know what He told me?

If yes, then, look at your feet.

Have you done that?

How many toes do you have on each foot?

Five? Good.

Take a good look at your first(big) toe and the last(small) toe, what can you see?


Calm down and patiently come along.

Take a look at the spaces between your first toe and the last toe.

Look at the point where your first toe originated from and do same to the last toe.

Can you see what I’m talking about?

Could you please trace that UNIQUE POINT from the first toe to the last toe?

Get a ruler if necessary, see if these two toes begin from the same point, on a vertical line.

Are you done?

I’ll like to know your response.

Now, look at the three middle toes, what do you notice?

The three toes are all on the same line, different from the first and last toes, right?

What am I trying to say?

Just like the Holy Spirit told me

Your first and last toes have great significance, why?

No, please don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean others are useless. But these two toes stand at strategic points.

One of them signifies your day of birth and the other signifies the day of death.

These are the two most significant days of a person’s life.

Fine, you didn’t know what happened when you were born, but you surely know what happened when you surrendered your life to Christ right? And you’ve got to prepare for the day of your departure.

The three other toes signify the activities in the world; the struggles, your achievements, your laughter, your sadness, your fear, your joy e.t.c.

These days matter too, but not as important as the other two days.

Dear Friend, kindly live your life with the last day in view; your last day will catapult you to eternity.

Are you aware of that?

How should you go about this? You might want to ask.

Let Jesus be your Rock of Ages. He will definitely lead you through.

We shall all live long to fulfill our days – destiny in Jesus name… Amen.

Jesus loves you.

P.S: If your toes doesn’t correlate with the message, kindly check another person’s.

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  1. Hmmmmm
    Only in the Spirit can you make the Usual unusual. Ma’am am Speechless Your Message is more than I thought
    *Glory to King Jesus*

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