Good day, Friends.


Happy New Month.


We made it 💪💪💪, yes we did! To the glory 💃💃💃💃 of God.


Here is the beginning of a great season, let’s rejoice and be glad for the Lord has done marvelous things for us.

And He is yet to do anything, because He says in His words, “THY LATTER DAYS SHALL BE GREATER, SWEETER THAN THE BEGINNING”.


Here is the beginning of the later part of the year, we will never stop JUBILATING in Jesus name.


Joy will never cease (Unending Joy) in our lives in Jesus name.


The Lord will LIBERATE us and all that is ours in Jesus name.


We will continually YIELD INCREASE in Jesus name.


Wake up and begin to execute all you couldn’t execute in the last six months.



Go and succeed in Jesus name…AMEN!


Crownofglory loves you.

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