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Wandering about, I questioned myself intently.
As a growing child, I was told that safety abides in our homes.
What happens now?
These perpetrators of evil barge into peaceful homes unannounced and wreck unimaginable havoc.


Later, I was told that safety now abides in the house of the Lord.
Surprisingly, I searched the house of the Lord only to discover that safety is missing.
Properties get stolen and lives get destroyed in the house of God.


What then is safety? I asked no one in particular.
Who took safety? I searched and searched intently.
Where did safety travel to? I asked the Lord.
Who hid safety? I searched nooks and crannies, still with the handwriting of confusion written across my face.


Safety!!! Where are you? I lamented.


The world is facing turmoil.
The Church ought to be our solitary place, right?
What do we have today?
These evil men and women have entered the Church.
They’ve turned the house of the Lord to a place of unrest.


Jointly, let’s pray for God to return safety to our homes.
We need safety in our Church – The Body of Christ.
We need healing in our land!!!


Safety!!! Please, come back and give us shelter.
Evil men and women, leave us alone!!!!
Let our homes be our shelter, please!!!
Let the house of God be our comfort zone.


Then I heard the Lord say, “He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”


Indeed, safety is with the Lord!
Confess your sins and He will forgive your sins.
Trust in Him and you’ll be saved
Abide in Him and You’ll be eternally secured.


Brother, waste no time in running to Him
Sister, delay not in surrendering your life to Him
Remember, except He watches over a city, the watchers labour but in vain.
Allow Him to keep and protect you.


Evil men repent, confess your sins and turn to God;
For tomorrow may be too late
He is ready to be your friend now!
Tomorrow, He might be thy judge.
Come home son, hear Him call thee,
Turn back daughter, listen to the small still voice.


Remember, the Lord is waiting for you in Revelation 3:20.

Stay blessed and safe.

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