I welcome you all to this interview session with Crown.

Seated for this interview session with Miss Crown is Mr. Olajide David Oduniyi!

Please, kindly allow me to give you an intro about this great personality.

Mr. David is the Man behind the scene of www.crowninspires.com.

He is my go-to man for anything relating to my blog.

I bet you have a whole lot to learn from this interview, please, ride with us and please, don’t forget to give us the feedback of how you’ve been blessed by this session. God bless you as you comply.

C: Good afternoon, sir.

My name is Edet Crownofglory from CrownInspires studio, a subdivision of Crownofglory Inc.


C: Sir, can we meet you, please?

D: My name is Olajide David Oduniyi. The last born of a family of three children; all boys.
A graduate of Estate Management & Valuation from Yaba College of Technology Lagos.

To the glory of God, I am the CEO/Founder of TechieBreed, a virtual tech firm that is primarily centered on training and developing WordPress Website users (Bloggers & Small Scale Business Owners) on effective usage and management of their web presence.

C: That’s good to know, sir. Once again, you’re welcome.

D: Thank you, ma’am.


C: Are you a Christian? If yes, could you please share your salvation experience with us?

D: Yes, I am a Christian by the grace of God.

I gave my life to Christ in the year 2014. This was on the realization of knowing the difference between being born into a Christian home and having a personal relationship with Christ. This is with the full conviction that He came to save me and my readyness to give an open heart to accept Him as my Lord and Saviour.

C: Glory be to God. I pray that His work of grace will not be in vain in our lives in Jesus name

D: Amen


C: Mr. David, where are you from?

D: I’m a native of Osun State, Nigeria.

C: That’s good to know.


C: How was childhood like?

D: Childhood memories are so dear to me. Growing up as the last born of a family of five, I have two elder brothers.
The major house chores were a burden to me🙈.
Being served the smallest portion of food was a norm.

Family aside, I grew up as a timid, gentle, dull and a very shy kid.

But, all the glory to God, I’m a better version of myself now; quite the opposite of what I used to be.


C: (Chuckles) Mr. David, you got me shinning my teeth. Why is it that all the last born complain about the same thing – house chores?

D: Well, maybe because we’re wired that way as humans.
Everyone desires and crave for a life of less hardship. But in all, those hard moments build us up into fitting well and staying relevant as we progress in life.

C: All thanks to God that built you into a better version; the strong man you are now.


C: Are you married?

D: Capital NO!

C: Why is the NO in capital letters nah? Is it a bad thing to be married?

D: Not at all, I probably wasn’t expecting the question. I’m too young in my purpose pursuit to start considering marriage, (laughs). Don’t read meaning to that response please.

C: All right.


C: Are you engaged or in a relationship?

D: None of the above mentioned. I’m happily single.

C: All right. Let’s move on.


C: When exactly did you discover your purpose and how?

D: I can’t really pinpoint to an exact period I discovered my purpose.
But one thing remains certain, I tarried in the place of prayer before the vision become clearer.
My everyday prayer point then was for God to reveal my purpose to me. I reached out to two or three purpose coach along the line, and I got same answer to my inquiry.
‘Passion!’ Your purpose lies where your passion is.

I pondered on this, then started reflecting back on how growing up was like.
The things I enjoyed doing effortlessly, without desiring a reward from any man.
Therein, I got the answer to my questions.

You only discover your purpose when you have developed a relationship with the Potter.
Your life is never yours.
The Potter alone knows what He desires to make out of every clay.

C: I am totally in agreement with your last statement. I believe somebody out there read/heard that. “You only discover your purpose when you have developed a relationship with the Potter. Your life is never yours. The Potter alone knows what He desires to make out of every clay.”

Without Him, it will be a fruitless journey.

D: True!


C: How are you able to combine your social life with your physical, plus your spiritual life?

D: If I’ll be honest, it has been demanding and most times exhausting.

But as His word says in 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”


C: What is your source of inspiration?

D: God has been my primary source of inspiration.
Birthing TechieBreed was an inspiration I got during a personal devotion held on the 15th of May (2nd day of a personal mini retreat I’d held while waiting on the Lord)


C: Congratulations! You celebrated your birthday two days ago, right? How did you feel to experience such massive love?

D: No greater love than the realization of walking in purpose, and being of positive impact to the lives of others.

The love was really massive and overwhelming, and this encourages me more; never to depart from my purposeful walk.

Life to me isn’t all about the riches, it is in the number of lives I can make reference to that have been positively influenced and impacted through me.
If my life doesn’t draw you closer to God, then, the life isn’t worth living for.

C: Wow! That’s a great lesson for us all.


C: Mr. David, where do you see yourself in the next five years?

D: In the next 5 years, I see myself building a world of WordPress tech giants, having meaningful and positive impact in the lives of a million plus individuals who I must have been a blessing to through various channel.

C: Hmmn! Millions? What strategy are you putting in place to achieve that?

D: One of it is the establishment of TechieBreed. TechieBreed will run a virtual based technology academy where willing and able participants will be trained on basic digital skills, like Website Design, Writing and Editing, App Development, SEO, amongst other things.

C: That’s a great start.


C: Do you have mentors?
D: Yes I do!
Iyinoluwa Aboyeji – Flutterwave Co-Founder

Oluyomi Ojo – CEO – Printivo

Pastor E.A Adeboye – RCCG G.O

Apostle Joshua Selman

John Obidi – Founder Headstart Nigeria

Robert Kiyosaki – American Business Man/Author

And few others.

C: Wow! These are great men. Does it mean you don’t have a woman as your mentor?

D: Well I do. I call her Mum. She’s the closest to me of all my mentors. She’s the Director of Deraconteur Writer’s Academy, popularly known as Mrs Yaks.
I’ve never taken a sane step without her knowledge, I hold her so dear!

C: Oh! Mama Lizzy… I love her so much

D: I love her too.


C: What’s your favourite quote, sir.

D: Life without Christ is meaningless.

C: I cannot agree less.


C: What’s your greatest achievement so far?

D: The Birth of TechieBreed, I’ll say is the greatest of all.
Though, recently I secured a Branding Job Contract for a top Africa Healthcare Provider and another U.K based company earlier this year.

C: (Covers mouth & Eyes wide open) Wow! These are huge! Congratulations, sir. I don’t mind being your partner sha.

D: Smiles!


C: How can we access this TechieBreed?

D: TechieBreed can be accessed via our:

Website: https://techiebreed.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/TechieBreed

Instagram: https://instagram.com/techie_breed

C: Oh! That’s good to know.


C: What word of advice will you leave with teenagers who are looking up to be like you in the nearest future?

D: Be a master at what you do. Leave out junks and pay less attention to financial gains while starting out. Build a brand known for credibility and reputation and most importantly, put God first in all that you do.
You can never get a meaningful life outside Him.


C: What’s your advice to youths who are afraid of making the first step?

D: Regardless of where you are, just take a step of faith by STARTING.

Seek to also improve on yourself no matter how useless you feel your skillset might be. Only then will you develop the required confidence. Work out these prayerfully.
Remember, the best time to always start is NOW!!!


C: To our amiable audience, it was a great time having Mr. Olajide David Oduniyi in our studio today. You’ve read/heard it all, with God you can reach any length in life, just take the STEP of faith.

Thank you very much Mr. David for making it a day with us.

D: It’s a pleasure, ma’am.


C: By the way Sir, how can potential client reach you?

D: Potential clients can reach us via any of the following means:

Website: https://techiebreed.com/contact

WhatsApp: https://wa.link/0qedhn

Email: techiebreedofficial@gmail.com

C: Please, kindly patronize him. I know him too well, he will surely treat you well, most especially when he knows you contacted him after this interview.

D: (Smile) Sure! 


C: Please, stay tune till we come your way next time on the Interview Session with Crown.

However, don’t forget to drop your feedbacks in the comment section.

God must have spoken to you via this session, don’t for get the Potter

Bye for now!


14 Replies to “Interview Session with GospelBreed

  1. Whao!!! God bless this young guy for allowing GOD to bring the best out of him.
    A lot of young guys are out there thinking of how to DEFRAUD and get quick money via internet (Yahoo plus).
    I’m proud of you.

  2. Thank you very much, is incouraging to read your testimony. God bless you, keep trusting God, what you have tested is beginning, congratulations sir. please I will like to know more about TechieBreed, thanks.

  3. Wowww 💥🔥🔥⚡ He’s indeed a great achiever I see in all that he said, His being so is all because Of the greatest Mentor and teacher Master Jesus Christ and too waiting in the presence Of God is The Primary source of every achievement
    He concluded by saying”Remember the best time to always start is NOW!!” And there he just got a thumb up👍👍👍 From me . He just reminded me that I downloaded a book title “THE POWER OF NOW” and with that I have to go into it back.


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