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Another cankerworm I’ll be dissecting through the help of the Holy Spirit is Anger.


Anger is a very dangerous cankerworm that the devil subtly inputs in the lives of Believers, in order to deprive them of their inheritance.


Remember Moses? He was assigned to lead the Israelites, which he did, but those people frustrated him to the point that he ANGRILY struck the rock that God instructed him to strike once.


Brethren, did he gain or lose as a result of that?


Of course, he lost. He lost his inheritance.


He lost access to the promised land – Canaan Land.


To be truthful, I had experienced this before.


I lost answers to months of hard labour in prayers, all because of five minutes’ anger.


Click on this link https://crowninspires.com/2020/04/03/the-eleventh-hour/ to read about how I lost all due to anger.


Many times believer lose everything because of anger.


How does this happen?


The devil creates a situation that makes you feel hurt and angry at the same time, most especially, when he knows what you’ve prayed for is at the tip of your hands.


What should you do as a believer?


📌 Pray to be sanctified.


📌 Control your temperance: when there comes a situation that provoked you to anger, control your temperance.


One day I was really offended to my bone marrows, if I was to react, things would have been damaged.


You know what I did?


Like my mentor often tells me.


I kept mute and ruminated for a few minutes; despite the hurt, that was how I was able to control the situation at that moment.


📌 Believers, learn how to suppress this evil cankerworm with the help of the Holy Spirit, because, there’s no way the Holy Spirit won’t warn you about the evil to come.


Please, always heed to this warning and put the devil to shame.


God will continually give us the grace to overcome these cankerworms as we shame the devil in Jesus’ name.


I’ll like you to share your experiences relating to this cankerworm – anger, in the comment box.

Stay blessed, protected and vigilant till I come your way again.


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