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There are series of Cankerworms the devil works with, and by His grace, we shall be considering about eight of them.

  • There is this cankerworm that the devil almost used to destroy my life, but, to the glory of God, I had victory!

There was a time I spent a night at a friend’s place.

When it was time to have my bath the next day, you should know how things are when you go visiting.

Trying to feel at home and to also manage somebody’s things well.

C’mon! Don’t look at me like that.

You want me to spell it out?

All right, I visited a sister and not a brother for your peace of mind.

I was in the bathroom with my phone, and there was a tiny little hanger there, so I placed my phone on the hanger after a word of prayer!

“Oh Lord, please, keep and protect my phone. Do not allow it to fall off.”

On a second thought, I passed a bucket underneath the hanger, I kept that bucket there for the safety of my phone, just in case it falls off, or so I thought.

The CHECKER came around.

“If you indeed entrusted your phone into God’s hands, then, there shouldn’t be a need for this (the bucket), it simply means you don’t trust God.”

Immediately, I realized my foolish act. I begged God for forgiveness and removed the bucket.

What is the cankerworm I’m talking about?

The name of this cankerworm is DOUBT.

By placing the bucket there, it meant I didn’t trust Him enough.

One of the things I realized is that; the devil uses doubt to hinder Christians from inheriting their inheritance.

The Lord has given us the access to everything in Jesus name but then, after prayer, the deceiver comes.

“The prayer was only a general prayer, the pastor wasn’t referring to your case, don’t deceive yourself. Ain’t you still feeling the pains?” These and many more are the ways the tempter had been sneaking in to rub us of our blessings.

He makes you doubt the GIVER of the blessings.

He makes you doubt the source of the blessings.

He makes you doubt the genuineness of the blessings.

He makes you see nothing good in yourself, thereby making you build a wall of low self esteem.

My dear, the Lord knows the thought He has for YOU, they are thoughts of peace and not of evil, that will give YOU an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11

Now listen to this, that promise is for you that is reading this article and not for the public. Put your name in place of that YOU and it will surely work for you.

Believe it and it shall be unto you according to your faith.

Jeremiah1:10 says “Before I form thee in your mother’s womb, I knew thee.”

Tell me what He doesn’t know about you.

Is your case worst than Jabez’s?

I believe not.

Why then should you allow the devilish cankerworm to destroy the future/plan God has for you?

What should you do?

When doubt comes, shake it off.

“Oh! That Bible passage isn’t really for me ooo”

Say, “Oh no! It is my portion because I am a daughter/son of the kingdom. Therefore, all the promises of the Father are mine!”

Stay blessed!

The Lord loves and cares for you, yes, I mean YOU, that fellow reading this.

He deliberately made you to go through this piece, therefore, activate your faith and receive answers to your prayers IN JESUS NAME…AMEN!

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The Lord is waiting for you in Revelation chapters 3 verse 20, please give Him a positive response.

God bless you.

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