Written by: Olapada Oluwapelimi Phillip

If you had been to a market before you will know that it’s not a place for relaxation but a place for survival.

Many maybe wondering “why survival”.


A market is a place of war, where only those that are well equipped will survive.


A market is a platform where vendors come together to sell their products or services to a curated customer. You must be aware that you are not the only one that is rendering the service; there are many others that are into that as well, and this makes competitions to set in.


Market is also crowded with various creatures, those that are aware of their purpose, visions, dreams, likewise, there are some people without vision, aimless people and minds without focus.


Don’t be deceived by the multitudes of people, many of them lack vision. It only takes someone that is aware of his vision to do great exploit in life.


In order for you not to be like those that go to the market without clear vision, you must be aware of your existence.


Majority of those you see in the market just go to make numbers because they lack focus, many of them are distracted with the noise, many lost focus because of the crowd. For you not to be deceived, find yourself, discover yourself, rediscover yourself and you will start moving in a profitable direction.


Don’t be like those that go to the market without purpose, you are sent to this world with purpose and it’s your duty to discover your purpose. If you are living another man’s dreams, that means you are not aware of your existence yet.


A Market is always a busy place, so don’t toy with your life engage yourself in a productive task.

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