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Who you are without knowing.

Does it sound confusing?

Please, don’t be, just read along.


I was returning from the farm today when I saw ‘Bruno’ chase a fowl.


By the way, I’m a vegetable Farmer. I’ll tell you much about it in another article.


If you didn’t read my article about Bruno, please do so by clicking this 👇 link so as to understand what I mean.




OMG! If you see the way the chicken jumped, you’ll never imagine what a bird that spends most of its time ‘walking’ on ground can do. I mean our local ‘fowl’.


For the records, Bruno is no longer a puppy.


The distance it covered made a girl that was with me to proclaim out aloud that “see how it flew like a bird.”


That reminded me of a cock that once jumped or should I say flew up. Before it left the ground, it prepared itself by lifting its wings up before finally embarking on its journey, trust me, it landed safely.


Do you know who you are?


You still feel you can’t do that thing, right?


Did you read my article on Grace Found Me?


If you haven’t, please, click on the link below so you can understand what I mean.



You never know what you’re capable of doing except you determine to do it.


Except you give it what it takes, you’ll remain static for life.


I never knew I could do what I did until I decided to give it a trial.


Honestly, I can’t imagine the testimonies I’ve been receiving so far.


I kept asking myself how it all happened, how I did it. The only answer I’ve been receiving has been, the great Teacher did it.


I’ve gone through the lectures over and over again just to read and hear what I said that really changed lives.


I tell you, I couldn’t have believed I said and wrote all I heard and read myself.


Prior to that time, I made lots of researches on net, what I came up with was just a list of what I should teach. I wondered how the list I came up with could last for three weeks but to the glory of God, the testimonies are abound.


I went to the class with a list, not because I didn’t prepare but I didn’t know how to prepare and what to prepare with. To the glory of God the Holy Spirit took over the class.


Once I picked a point, details about the point will flow till I force it to stop so I don’t ‘over – talk’ or make mistakes.


I never stopped receiving epistles of appreciation from those whose lives were blessed during the teaching.


The chicken didn’t plan to fly that high not until it felt it life would be in danger if it tarried longer on that spot, hence, it flew ‘four-forty’ hahahahahaha, I can’t imagine it myself.


One of the students reached out to me and said he can’t put words together to form a sentence, not to talk of writing something meaningful.


I gave him assignments, honestly, you won’t believe what he came up with, he did the assignment as if his life depended on it and it was awesome, except for little brushes that he needs. Can you imagine that?


I tell you, you don’t know what you can do until you set your mind to do it.


You don’t know how far you can go until you take a bold step.

The First Step Is The Most Difficult Step To Take, Once You Take That First Step All Other Steps Will Obey And Follow As At When Due. – Crownofglory


All you have to do is to start from somewhere.


“Do It First And Think About How To Perfect It Later.” – Steve Harris

Come out from that obscure darkness and do that thing you’ve imagined yourself doing.


If you keep on preparing and procrastinating all in the name of waiting for ‘the right time’, I bet you, the right time will never come.


Note: Don’t Just Take The First Step And Stop At That, Rather, Your Second Step Should Be An Improved Version Of The First Step. – Crownofglory

I have been dared to do something by one of my coaches, though I don’t know how to go about it, but I MUST do it. No matter the outcome, I’ll step on that to improve myself.

Sometime ago, I sent out one video content and asked friends to review the video. It was critically reviewed, and I appreciated them all for doing that.

You know what I got when I made another video, I got many ‘wow! Great! Better! Beautiful!’ because the second video was an upgraded version of the first.

Did you read that?

Their review made my second video to be better.

Your second step should be an improved version of the first step.

Hope you got my message?

I’ll appreciate your feedback.

C’mon, set your mind to what you’ve been imagining yourself of doing and have it done.

Let’s meet at the top.

I’m available for a one-on-one chat.

Come, let me walk you through the lane, as the great Teacher directs us. 

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  1. …”you don’t know what you can do until you set your mind to do it.” This is so true sis. Because as a believer, we have the mind of Christ, and He has deposited so many potentials on our inside that only requires us to discover and put to use.

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