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Few weeks back, that’s April to be precise, Leader Ifeoluwa of GreenPoint Coaching & Mentoring Programme (GCMP) Season 5 chatted me up,after introducing herself, she said they’ll like me to grace their mentoring academy.

I asked again to be sure. In fact she can attest to the fact that I asked her many questions. You know why? I wanted to be certain that she was really referring to me.


You know why?


I’ve never taught in a Mentoring Academy before.


Yes, I’ve been teaching and training during webinars but not in an academy, not to talk of taking the lectures once a week for three consecutive weeks.

Yes, I was to teach once a week for three weeks along side great personalities.


She asked me to send my topic as the theme was ‘Upgrade’. I can’t remember the theme vividly. I went ahead to think about it for days.


All I saw was goose bumps all over my body, yes, I was afraid.


After much thought, I intended to send her ‘Self Discovery’ as a topic but I thought of the possibility that others might have chosen the topic. Hence, I sent a different topic to her, but she pleaded that I should take Self Discovery.


To say I was surprised is an understatement. You know why?


Truly, that’s my niche but I have never operated in that area online. It has only be an offline thing with my youths and students.


Then, I saw it as a call that God really wanted me to attend to. Though I was scared, yet, I took up the challenge.


I spoke to God about it, went online to do some researches. Yet, I was still fidgeting because the only thing I had were the list I made from the researches.


Few minutes to the program, I still wasn’t sure but I called on the great Teacher and surprising He came around. I am not certain how it went, but I got different encomiums that the room was on fire. The CEO also attested to that fact.


Who set the platform on fire?

Definitely not me but the Holy Spirit. I was amazed because I didn’t know how it happened but I returned all glory back to Him.


Week 2 also came and to the glory of God, God manifested Himself.


Week three, which happened to be the last week and that was yesterday, was also fantastic.


God moved mightily and testimonies are abound.


I’m so excited that I didn’t disappoint God.


Though, it was my first time yet, it was a glorious time.


If not many, I have a student I’m so certain that my teachings had impact in his life, and we have since been working together.


It was grace that brought me to teach along side great personalities. I had the privilege of opening the floor. Yes, I was the first speaker to mount the ‘podium’, and I mounted the podium elegantly.


I know God organized it that way for a purpose.


I don’t know why they chose me but I must appreciate the CEO of GreenPoint and every member of His crew, I really do not take this for granted.


To justify my words, attached are the visual proof of few encomiums from the class.


♥️ I am very much available to teach and partner with you during this lock down. Please, reach out to me on WhatsApp, +2349062169879 is the code.


🟣 Would you like me to have a one – on – one class with you on any of the following:

🔳 Self/Purpose Discovery


🔳 Writing Courses: Copy writing, Editing,


🔳 White Board and 3D Video Animation e.t.c.


Then, now is the right time to take action. Waste no time in sliding into my WhatsApp DM.


Will you like to confirm my certification? Visit my blog to view my certificates, my articles and stories.


A trial will convince you.


You want to share your testimony from the class, please do so in the comment section.

Thank you.

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